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Coffee Vocabulary: Farming

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Maybe you’re at a party and one of your know-it-all friends is improperly throwing around coffee jargon. Maybe you’re looking to buy a bag of beans from your local roaster but have zero idea what half of the label means. Whatever the reason, whether you’re a coffee expert or novice, there’s a ton of coffee vocabulary out there to learn. Here’s our list of common coffee farming terms you should know: Read More

Bay Area Finds: Bedfellows Roasting Company

By | Bay Area, Coffee

We love pairing with Bay Area roasters and cafes to brew a solid cup of Joe. This week we met up with Marc from Bedfellows Roasting Company to try out his Kenya Karinga Offering. We had the opportunity to grab some freshly roasted beans from him which was a blast because as the beans degassed and matured past the roast we witnessed the flavor profile evolve. For coffee nerds, this is a pretty special treat.

For those not familiar with degassing:

When coffee is roasted, gases form inside the bean. After roasting, gases (mostly carbon dioxide) start seeping out of the bean. When coffee is a few days old and very fresh, a bulk of the carbon dioxide formed leaves your beans. During this time, CO2 escapes so quickly it negatively affects the flavor of your coffee by creating an uneven extraction. (If you’re interested in learning more about degassing stay tuned for next week’s blog post!) This degassing process is the reason roasters start selling their coffee a few days to a week after the roast date.


The Results:

We snagged Bedfellows’ coffee straight from the roaster and tried a cup every day through the bean’s maturation. As the roast degassed, we picked up bright and juicy pomelo, honey, cola and stone fruit. By day 5 these flavors were in full bloom. This is a great roast for folks who like a nice evenness between their acidity and rich flavors. We used Duo Coffee Steeper as its full immersion brewing process did a great job of pulling out these flavors as the roast matured.

Bedfellows supplies coffee all around the bay and does a monthly coffee subscription service. If you’re looking for a local San Francisco spot to try a bag, you can find them at Green Heart Foods in the Mission, and Piano Fight in the Tenderloin. Ready for a subscription? They just released their newest coffee for March’s subscription – a Peru that has nutty, soft citrus taste notes with medium body.


Check out this Bay Area find here:

Bedfellows Roasting Company

Bedfellows Subscription


Part II: Why Is The Slow Pour Important?

By | Coffee


You’ve heard the fuss over pour-over, but still aren’t sure what makes this coffee ritual so special. We last chatted about why the slow pour is important and how the time/surface area balance affects your brew. Now you understand why a slow pour matters from a brewing perspective. But why is it important from a drinking perspective? What makes the end result so different from other brew methods – what’s the point? Read More

Why Your Coffee Tastes Bitter

By | Coffee


You wake up drowsy eyed, craving warm coffee. You get dressed, gather your things, and prepare a big cup.

After much anticipation (because you read our article on circadian coffee rhythms and waited until 9:30am for your caffeine fix) you take a sip, only to taste bitter, acidic coffee. It tastes like you’re sucking on an old, wet cigarette. But how? You bought the $20 bag of beans from your local, award winning roaster who sources from a reputable coffee farmer. Where did it all go wrong?!

Read More

Greetings Fellow Coffee Lover!

By | News

Its official, we’re official!

The suns out, the birds are chirping, and we’re ready to tell anyone who’ll listen that the official launch of our first product, the Duo Coffee Steeper, is quickly approaching. With the debut of Duo upon us, we’re excited to also kick off our blog. Here, we’ll share everything we’ve learned about brewing great coffee and what it’s like working at a small, non-tech San Francisco startup. Read More