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7 Booze and Buzz Infused Coffee Cocktails

By | Coffee

Clinky, clinky. We’ll gladly toast to buzz and booze combining forces in a cocktail glass. To start off your night, or morning (we’re not judging), we rounded up seven of our favorite coffee-infused cocktails. Cheers!

1. Alive and Kicking

Do you take your coffee strong but your cocktails stronger? Welcome to your new drink of choice. Three liqueurs team up with cold brew to provide a verifiable punch. Hiii YA!

Get the recipe from Bon Appétit.

2. Cardamom and Vanilla Coffee Cocktail

Cardamom Vanilla Coffee Cocktails

Photo credit: Offbeat + Inspired

Cold brew meets cardamon meets vodka for a Scandinavian spin on a coffee-infused cocktail.

Get the recipe from Offbeat + Inspired.

3. Coffee Margarita

Coffee Margarita Coffee Cocktail

Photo credit: The Chic Site

Cocoa powder, cinnamon, and sugar rim the glass of this caffeinated twist on the margarita. (Yes, salt may have gotten the boot, but tequila definitely did not!)

Get the recipe from The Chic Site.

4. Easy Espresso Martini

Easy Espresso Martini

Photo credit: Emma Chapman

Espresso on the rocks. Shaken not stirred, sir.

Get the recipe from A Beautiful Mess.

5. Almond Biscotti Iced Coffee Cocktail

Almond Biscotti Iced Coffee Cocktail

Photo credit: Christine Carlson

Spike cold brew with bourbon and amaretto. Now, top that with almond milk cream. You’ve officially entered the world of a liquefied biscotti! A solid biscotti on the side is optional but highly encouraged.

Get the recipe from Drip Brew Coffee Co.

6. Spiced Coffee Old Fashion

Spiced Coffee Old Fashioned

Photo credit: Beautiful Booze

Cinnamon simple syrup, and cold brew kick the tried and true classic cocktail up a notch.

Get the recipe from Beautiful Booze.

7. The Roast and Toast

The Roast and Toast Bourbon Coffee Cocktail

Photo Credit: The Gastronom

A concoction of coffee, bourbon, and Brûlée liqueur is topped with a freshly toasted marshmallow.  I mean, why not cap off the evening with an open flame?

Get the recipe from The Gastronom.

Do you have a favorite coffee cocktail concoction not listed? Share with us on social – Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Prismo – Production Status Update

By | Coffee

Prismo AeroPress Coffee Maker AttachmentHello, passionate Prismo-ites! First, a big thank you -without your pre-order support, Prismo would be but a blip on our Fellow idea board. We’re overwhlemed by the positive response for Prismo, and can’t wait to ship them to you.

However, although Prismo has superpowers, we do not, and thus, production has been moving at normal human speed. That being said, we have a Prismo timing update and the news is good-ish. It could be better. But it could also be much worse, so we’re feeling positive. Read More

Stagg EKG – Production Status Update

By | Coffee

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle

Since Stagg EKG’s launch back in December, we’ve been keeping our highly-caffeinated Kickstarter backers in the loop with frequent updates. We’ve shared the ups and downs (more ups than downs), product tweaks (you guys gave great suggestions), and Jake’s blurry photos from the production line (Jake needs to work on camera steadiness when he gets excited). Well, we’ve also had non-Kickstarter backers pre-order Stagg EKG after the campaign ended. Since this group of folks doesn’t receive our updates via the Kickstarter platform, we wanted to share the current kettle status as it stands today! Here it goes…

Stagg EKG is ALMOST yours for the pursuit of liquid concoction excellence. What does “almost” mean? Almost means the first batch of Stagg EKGs are off the production line. Almost means champagne has been purchased but not officially popped in our office. We’re so close, guys. Read More

Prismo Full Immersion Brew “How-To”

By | Coffee

A few weeks back we launched Prismo, an AeroPress® attachment that unlocks espresso-style coffee without an espresso machine. But apart from espresso-style coffee, Prismo opens up a whole new world of recipes and coffee nerding. You can even switch up your regular ol’ coffee routine by using Prismo for a full immersion brew. How is this different than normal Aeropress® coffee using the inversion method you ask?

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Stagg EKG – Cafe Testing

By | Bay Area, Coffee, Design

As we enter the final stretch of production tweaks for Stagg EKG, we’ve released a select few EKG prototypes into the wild. This gives us a chance to gain incredibly valuable feedback from both at home users and baristas on what they like, and what we can still improve upon. Although our La Marzocco user testing in Seattle is complete, you can still catch a sneak peek of EKG in Santa Cruz, or San Francisco at these cafes: Read More

Prismo: Superpowers for your AeroPress®

By | Coffee, Design


Meet Prismo, an AeroPress® attachment that unlocks espresso-style coffee without an espresso machine.

We here at Fellow love espresso, but sometimes we don’t have access to a good espresso machine, and the team is left to walk to the nearest coffee shop. Since we’re a coffee product company (and that coffee shop is over a mile away), we figured we should probably solve this problem. Read More

The Anatomy of an “Espresso-style” shot

By | Coffee

So when you pull a shot with Prismo, why call it “espresso-style” instead of just an espresso shot? Well friends, a leopard can’t change its spots. Although Prismo makes a pretty damn tasty shot, it lacks some of the features that make up a tried and true espresso shot. The magic of a traditional espresso comes with 9 bar pressure, 25-30 seconds of percolation time, and the right amount of  heat. All of which are difficult to achieve when manually pressing a shot.

That said, we love the espresso-style shots we’ve made with Prismo! And hey, for a much lower price point than an espresso machine, you can get close and have fun doing so. So what is “espresso-style”? Let’s break it down:

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By | Coffee

Here at Fellow, we obsess over temperature and understand how important it is for brewing coffee. That’s why we created two pour-over drippers, Stagg [X] and Stagg [XF] with vacuum insulated double wall stainless steel to help reduce temperature loss during your brew. Obsessive? Yes. Excessive? No.

The thinking: the more control you have over temperature, the more control you have over your extraction.

But how does our double wall insulated stainless steel dripper actually stack up to competing drippers? We’ve run a series of tests comparing Stagg [XF] Dripper to other popular coffee drippers. For the sake of consistency and accuracy, we focused on testing Stagg [XF] versus flat bottom single wall stainless steel drippers. Here’s what we found:

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Meet Stagg [X] Dripper

By | Coffee, Design


This week we’re launching our newest pour-over dripper, Stagg [X]. The first obvious difference you might notice between Stagg [X] and our original dripper Stagg [XF] is size, but there’s a whole lot more to love about our new dripper.

Read More