Stagg EKG Manual

Turn On

Push the main button to turn on your kettle. This main button is also how you will set temperature, and activate the brew stopwatch (but we’ll get to those later).

Temperature and HOLD Settings

Use the back toggles to select your preferred temperature and HOLD settings. For temperature settings, choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

When turned on, Stagg EKG’s HOLD mode maintains your SET temperature for up to 60 minutes. If HOLD mode is off, your kettle will reach  SET temperature, stay there for 5 minutes, then stop heating and go into standby for 15 minutes before turning off.

When you have turned HOLD mode on, the screen will flash “HOLD ON”. When your kettle is holding your SET temperature, HOLD will appear at the top of the LCD screen.

SET Temperature

Twist the main button to SET desired temperature. Screen will show “SET” when the temperature is being set.

Start/Stop Brew Stopwatch

To start and stop the built-in Brew Stopwatch, hold down the main button for 2  seconds. Push the main button again to stop the stopwatch and return to the main screen.

Manual Recap

As a recap, here’s a quick step x step manual to help guide you.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour Over Kettle