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What dad doesn’t like a smooth cold brew on a hot summer day? Your dad enjoys a strong coffee and the satisfaction of crafting his cold brew over 12 hours. Snag Duo Coffee Steeper for ridiculously good cold brew in sleek gadget form.

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Your dad is the social type that loves entertaining others. He enjoys brewing and concocting to make sure the crowd is having a good time. Snagg Stagg Pour-Over System for everything he needs to brew, serve and enjoy cup after cup.

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Your dad loves a good cup of coffee to keep him going throughout the week. He likes a simple, yet effective way to get his caffeine and is usually only brewing for one. Snag him the Stagg [X] Dripper to kick his brewing up a notch, and throw in a pair of tasting glasses to complete the single set.

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For the tea lover who desperately needs an upgrade. This bundle comes with Raven Tea Steeper, a stovetop kettle with integrated tea filter and steep-range thermometer, two tasting glasses and a variety of Rosa Li Tea premium teas.

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