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Fellow is looking for a Customer Experience Manager

If interested, please send resume to jake@fellowproducts.com with the job title in the subject line.

Customer Experience Manager


Are you the human equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife? If so, let’s chat.

Fellow is looking for a jack-of-all trades Customer Experience Manager to cross-functionally support the eCommerce team (fellowproducts.com), sales team, and product team to ensure the needs of our customers are being both satisfied and communicated across the organization. This is the first customer-focused support hire at Fellow, so you will be responsible for shaping many of the processes that support our business and our customers.

We’re looking for the 32-tool Swiss Army Knife of a person who loves to hustle and get stuff done. Completing checklists is your jam. You will ensure customers are happy and questions answered. You will represent the voice of the customer at Fellow. The following will give you a taste of how the Customer Experience Manager will support the eCommerce, sales and product teams:

eCommerce Support

Fellowproducts.com is the epicenter of the Fellow brand. You’ll help ensure a positive and frictionless relationship with our closest and best customers.

  • Third Party Logistics and Fulfillment Management: You will be the key point of contact with our fulfillment partner. Your oversight will ensure timely deliveries for both B-to-B and B-to-C orders. You’ll also ensure our shipping costs are inline and acceptable to the business leads.
  • Customer Service: Our customers have questions; you will have answers. You’ll be fielding all in-bound customer service emails and questions through our social channels (i.e., Instagram). You’ll not only process returns, deal with disputes, and prevent fraud, but also help customer fine-tune the perfect coffee recipe and pick out the perfect Fellow gift.

Sales Support

Fellow sells through retailers both big and small: Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table, Crate and Barrel, and hundreds of small cafe and design stores around the world. You’ll ensure this machine runs smoothly and efficiently.

  • Samples and Demos: You will send demo sample products to retailers and support our sales team with product demos.
  • Wholesale Customer Support: You’ll answer product support questions from our retail partners to ensure our brand and products are properly presented.
  • Sales and New Lead Assistance: As time permits, you’ll work with the sales team to identify new leads and accounts that would be a good fit for Fellow.

Product Support

  • Quality Control Testing: You’ll ensure that containers of products we receive are up to Fellow’s quality standards. If not, you’ll communicate actionable feedback to the product team.
  • Inventory Management: Your finger will always we on the pulse of our current inventory levels and communicating stock levels to the team.
  • International Shipment Coordination: Fellow is constantly shipping products from Asia to our warehouse in California. You’ll help coordinate these inbound shipments and communicate status to the team.

A typical day could look as follows:                            

First thing in the morning, you log into our customer service inbox (desk.com) and respond to the eight messages from the night before. Next, you hop on the phone with our fulfillment partner to talk through a large order going to Australia. Everything is set and the order should ship in the afternoon and you communicate this to the sales team. Just before lunch, you lead a meeting with the entire team to review new trends or outliers you’ve noticed from the prior two-weeks of interacting with our customers. You notice a new issue and now the product team needs to address with our supplier. Thankfully, you’ve come up with a creative solution and our customers are still happy.

In the afternoon, you meet with our product team to review the quality specs of one of our new products and then perform a random inspection of 24 units from a recent 20-foot container of product to ensure that the products are on spec and up to Fellow standards.

Throughout the day, you monitor the customer service inbox and help out a couple online customers with order questions.

Finally, you spend the last part of the day meeting with the sales team to understand how you can help with their efforts to grow our business in Canada. You’re tasked with finding fifteen design-focused retailers in major Canadian cities.

A bit about Fellow

First, what we are not:

Fellow is not a tech start-up and will not be worth 4 billion dollars in three months. Ain’t going to happen folks. Fellow does not offer a free shuttle, onsite meals, or gym memberships. Sorry. Although on occasion you will be required to lift 15-pound shipping boxes, so I guess that counts as a free workout. We just want to be transparent from the get go. We however have a modest snack budget, so if you get in early enough you may be able to snag a Diet Coke or Hot Cheetos.

What we are:

Fellow aims to bring thoughtfully designed products to people around the world. Currently, we are focused on coffee products that enhance or simplify the brewing process. For the next year or so coffee/tea/beverage products will be our sole focus. However, Fellow is opportunistic, and once we have launched a successful line of coffee products, we will branch out to serve different markets as opportunities present themselves (i.e., home, kitchen, etc.)

Fellow is still an infant and is just starting to crawl. Our first product, the Duo Coffee Steeper, raised $200,000 on Kickstarter. Fast forward three years and Fellow has been able to create a portfolio of award-winning products that meet the full needs of the home enthusiast and specialty cafe. The current products are sold in Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, Sur La Table, West Elm, and the NY MoMA. Fellow grow over 100% year-over-year from 2015 to 2016 and expects to do the same in 2017. Fellow newest product, Stagg EKG, an electric pour-over kettle just raised $450,000 on Kickstarter in January, 2017.

A bit about you:

You are someone who dreams of being an entrepreneur. You’re scrappy.  The thought of working for Big Business repulses you. Your middle name is “Strategic problem solver who is really good at getting things done.” The reality is there are many things that need to get done and only a couple people to do the lifting. We really do need a 32-tool Swiss Army Knife.

Required Skills

  • 1 – 3+ years of experience in a customer service or operations role
  • Undergraduate degree or work equivalent
  • Proficiency with Microsoft and Google suite of applications
  • Prior experience at a start-up is a plus (we need to know you’re scrappy)
  • An appreciation for coffee would be a nice bonus, but not required

Please send your resume and portfolio to jake@fellowproducts.com with the subject line “Customer Experience Manager”.