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Fellow is looking for a Director of Sales

If interested, please send resume to jake@fellowproducts.com with the job title in the subject line.

Director of Sales


What is “Sales” at a growing product start-up?

At Fellow, the Director of Sales is the link between our products and the incredible people that sell them. You are the face and voice of our brand to the outside world… so stay away from garlic.


Key Responsibilities

Support Regional Reps: Fellow reaches small independent retailers through a network of best-in-class independent sales reps. The Sales Associate will make sure that both the sales reps and the reps’ clients (i.e., independent kitchen and design stores, small coffee shops, etc.) have everything they need to be successful. This includes: rep and customer support, order management and processing, shipping estimates, and logistics coordination.

Direct Accounts: Each day Fellow receives requests from retailers and coffeehouses from around the world to sell Fellow products. After screening each lead to ensure a fit with the Fellow brand, you will work to close the sale and provide exceptional customer service and operational support. After the initial order you will work to grow the relationship overtime.

 Tradeshows Marketing: Fellow plans to attend 6-9 tradeshows in 2016. The Sales Associate will coordinate all deliverables for each tradeshow event. During the tradeshow you will hustle from sunrise to sunset to produce as many qualified leads as possible. After each show, you will follow-up directly with each lead and work to close the sale.

Online Marketplaces: Fellow may in the near future start selling products through select online marketplaces (i.e., Amazon). If Fellow pursues this approach the Sales Associate will manage all aspects of this business.


A typical day could look like:

First thing in the morning you check your email and see that two international coffeehouses have requested more information about Fellow. You respond to their requests and provide pricing based on their volume and location. Next, you spend time assisting reps across the country to better sell our product. You ship out two samples and do a Skype call with a rep in Atlanta to explain the benefits of Duo’s new inverted cone filter. One rep repeatedly is filling out the order form incorrectly and you need to hop on a call with him to clarify our expectations. The next item on your to-do list is to log into our online wholesale portal to approve a pending order and then enter the shipment tracking number. One customer needs an invoice resent, so you forward asap.

At noon, one of our local rep invites you to a demo lunch with a local retailer. You surprise the buyer by bringing Fellow’s new Stagg Pour-Over Kettle that launches in two-weeks. After a “knock it out of the park” demo, the retailer places an order for 12 units (high five!).

In the afternoon, you spend a couple hours working your sales leads. You send emails, make phone calls, and hopefully close a few new accounts. One coffee shop in Wisconsin wants a Skype demo, so you schedule a time for the next day. Just before dinner you meet with our Brand Manager to discuss the upcoming tradeshow in New York City. As a team we determine what needs to be done to be successful and standout at the event. You’re excited because you now you have every “t” crossed and “i” dotted for the event. You’re confident and prepared the event will run smoothly. At 7:00 pm you meet with Jake to discuss a rollout plan for a national specialty retailer.


A bit about Fellow

 First, what we are not:

Fellow is not a tech start-up and will not be worth 4 billion dollars in three months. Ain’t going to happen folks. Fellow does not offer a free shuttle, onsite meals, or gym memberships. Sorry. Although on occasion you will be required to lift 15 pound shipping boxes, so I guess that counts as a free workout. We just want to be transparent from the get go.  

What we are:

Fellow aims to bring thoughtfully designed products to people around the world. Currently, we are focused on coffee products that enhance or simplify the brewing process and experience. For the next year or so coffee/tea/beverage products will be our sole focus. However, Fellow is opportunistic, and once we have launched a successful line of coffee products, we will branch out to serve different markets as opportunities present themselves (i.e., home, kitchen, bar)

Fellow is still an infant and is just starting to crawl. Our first product, the Duo Coffee Steeper, raised $200,000 on Kickstarter. Building on the momentum of the Kickstarter success, we closed a seed round from a few well-known angel investors in Silicon Valley.

A bit about you:

You love to delight the customer and make it your mission to provide excellent customer service to all of your accounts. Aggressive sales goals motivate you instead of intimidate you. At the end of each week you are excited to share your sales numbers with the team. You’re confident and seek out challenges. A “no” to you means that you are just that much closer to a “yes” from the next customer. You have a passion for design and enjoy nerding out over cool features and benefits. You can appreciate the difference between an African coffee and a Central American coffee.

You’re scrappy. The thought of working for Big Business repulses you. Your middle name is “Strategic problem solver who is really good at getting things done.” The reality is there are many things that need to get done and only a couple people to do the lifting. You are quick to help in anyway possible.

Required Skills

  • 3+ years of experience selling physical products
  • Familiar with CRM software and experience with managing a sales pipeline from cold lead to deal close
  • Direct selling experience into specialty kitchen and design stores
  • International sales experience a plus
  • Undergraduate degree (or comparable experience)


  • Salary + commission based on experience level


Send resume to jake@fellowproducts.com with subject line “Director of Sales”.