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Prismo Full Immersion Brew “How-To”

By | Coffee

A few weeks back we launched Prismo, an AeroPress® attachment that unlocks espresso-style coffee without an espresso machine. But apart from espresso-style coffee, Prismo opens up a whole new world of recipes and coffee nerding. You can even switch up your regular ol’ coffee routine by using Prismo for a full immersion brew. How is this different than normal Aeropress® coffee using the inversion method you ask?

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Tea Spotlight: Genmaicha

By | Tea


Also known as “popcorn tea” Genmaicha is a green tea blended with brown rice. No, there’s traditionally no popcorn actually in the tea, but this blend is colloquially named popcorn tea for its bits of brown rice that sometimes pop during roasting and look a bit like popcorn.

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Cold Coffee Recipes For Father’s Day

By | Coffee

Dads love coffee and summer is heating up, so why not make him one of the best cups he’s ever had for Father’s Day to celebrate all he’s done? The best part: you can make Dad a strong cup of cold brew or iced coffee to kick off the weekend with less than ten minutes of prep work (minus some overnight steeping).

Check out our video to learn how to make both, or below for the step by step recipe for Duo Coffee Steeper. Read More

Compost Those Grinds!

By | Coffee


A few weeks back a reader emailed us about composting coffee grinds. Since we work over a brewery, it’s pretty easy to throw our grinds into the giant compost dumpster filled with hops and barley. But what about at home – how does one setup composting for home brewing? Read More

Paper vs. Metal

By | Uncategorized


Some folks ask us what’s the difference between a paper and metal filter when brewing. A lot, actually. From flavor to process, there’s quite a few differences between paper and metal filters. If you’re not sure which is right for you, we’ve compiled a list of differences between the two. Let’s start with paper, shall we?

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Brew Hack: Pomegranate Infused Cold Brew

By | Coffee, Uncategorized



Fall is upon us – it’s time to indulge in some tastes of the season. Instead of going the traditional route with pumpkin spiced everything, we decided to switch up our cold brew with a new fruit. Pomegranates are in season, and definitely the most fun fruit we’ve experimented with thus far. Read More

Coffee Brewing Basics

By | Coffee


OK so you’ve bought some quality, freshly roasted beans from the local coffee shop down the street. Now what?

Although there are many different brewing methods, we’ve outlined some basic principles the home brewer should always follow. These are super easy steps that will significantly help turn your cup of sad brown water into black gold.

Think of brewing like a science experiment. You need to control all your variables. For brewing, your experiment variables are the solute (coffee grinds), solvent (water), time, and equipment (brewing gear). Read More