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Barista Hustle x Fellow | A New Partnership

By November 13, 2018 Coffee
Barista Hustle x Fellow Tamper

If you made it this far, then you must have seen a social media post announcing a Barista Hustle and Fellow partnership. What? Huh? We’re here to explain.

Fellow is now at the helm of Barista Hustle Tools, an offshoot of Matt Perger’s Barista Hustle brand. Fellow is not Barista Hustle nor is Barista Hustle Fellow. Fellow is now leading the charge of Barista Hustle Tools, or BHT, as we’ll often refer to it by. Still confused? Stick with us for a few more paragraphs.

Barista Hustle has been a strong voice in the coffee industry since its launch in 2015 by world champion brewer Matt Perger. Starting first as an education platform, Matt quickly realized great tools were missing from his teaching arsenal. Barista Hustle proceeded to launch three coffee tools that could stand up to the rigor of professional use and elevate technical precision without unnecessary complexity.

Barista Hustle x Fellow Partnership

As of today, the reigns of Barista Hustle’s product line has been handed over to Fellow under the name of Barista Hustle Tools. Where Barista Hustle is the brainchild of a coffee prodigy, Fellow is the brainchild of a product design fanatic. This partnership will enable Barista Hustle Tools to produce even more durable, precise, and fairly priced tools for baristas, coffee professionals, and enthusiasts around the world.

“We reached out to Fellow to expand the line of our tools because their knowledge of product design and manufacturing is first class,” said Matt Perger. “One of my goals with Barista Hustle has always been to solve barista pain points and expand accessibility. I’m confident Fellow, under the Barista Hustle Tools name, has the know-how and talent to make this happen.”

While Matt and Barista Hustle will still be heavily involved from the ideation side, Fellow is taking over engineering, manufacturing, distribution, and sales. The current product offerings– the BH Tamper, BH Pitcher, and BH Cupping Bowls –are now available to purchase from the just-launched Barista Hustle Tools website (BaristaHustleTools.com), as well as through Fellow’s wholesale team and San Francisco retail store.

“We’re excited to work with Matt on a regular basis to collaborate and push on new product ideas. His depth of coffee knowledge is staggering,” said Jake Miller, Fellow’s founder. “2019 is set to be a big year for new products under the Barista Hustle Tools name.”

Barista Hustle Tools x Fellow Product Line

How will this impact the flow at Fellow? A short but honest answer…it won’t. Business as usual will proceed on the Fellow side of things, and all Barista Hustle Tools news will take place over on Barista Hustle’s Instagram feed. Fellow production and distribution timelines will not impact Barista Hustle Tools’ production and distribution and vice versa. If you have any remaining questions, please send us a note at hello@fellowproducts.com.

We couldn’t be more excited to take over the ship of Barista Hustle Tools’ today while continuing to work with Matt and the BH team on developing innovative products for 2019. Head to the sparkling new website to see the current offering of gear!

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