Staff Picks - September 2019

Like any tight team of die-hard coffee lovers, Team Fellow has opinions. Sometimes we politely keep these strong feelings tucked away in the back of our minds like a box of dusty Roman candles, but every now and then that box catches a spark...

...this is one of those times, ladies and gentlemen. September is “Staff Picks” month, and we invite you to enjoy an exciting selection of some of the coffees we’ve been digging on the most!

Stop by The Playground all month long to brew a cup or grab a bag! 

Nomad Coffee

Nomad Coffee

Barcelona, Spain

Ethiopia Duromina

Picked By: Josh Mix, International Account Manager

“While traveling with my wife in Barcelona, I stumbled upon Nomad Coffee Lab & Shop in a small alleyway just outside of the El Born neighborhood. This unique spot featured their entire selection of beans which are roasted at their nearby facility, and they had an amazing bar fully equipped with all the tools and methods to craft a tasty cup. We each enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee prepared by the super friendly barista team and purchased a bag of their competition roast for the road. There is just something special about stumbling upon a hidden spot while on vacation, and this was the coffee highlight from our trip.”

Prolog Coffee

Prolog Coffee

Copenhagen, Denmark

Rwanda Shyira

Picked By: Hannah Miller, Content Manager

“On a trip to Copenhagen this summer, I spent a day wandering the city with my two Danish friends and their new baby. I've seen the touristy things on past trips, so the mission of the day was to walk as far as we could before needing to stop and feed baby Magnus. From coffee shops to champagne bars and pastries in between, Prolog was the standout. I sat in the sun rocking the baby to sleep while sipping on perfect coffee and laughing with dear friends I hadn't seen in years. I'll never forget this July day. I hope this bag brings a little bit of the country I know and love into your home.”

Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue

Oakland, CA

Mexico Bella Vista Chiapas

Picked By: Jessica Caisse, Community and Events Manager

"I met Jen Apodaca years ago when we both worked at Blue Bottle. Since our time there I have watched her not only thrive, but improve the community around her with every step she takes in her wonderful career. She is the founder and driving force behind the She’s the Roaster scholarship, which works to provide opportunities and improve diversity in the coffee roasting industry. In addition to her latest project, Mother Tongue Coffee, Jen also was the inaugural Roasting Director at The Crown Coffee Lab, took home 1st at the 2019 US Taster’s Cup, currently manages the Oakland Pulley Collective facility, and is a rad mother on top of it all! I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to feature Jen’s expertly curated & crafted coffee in our own store."

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

San Diego, CA

Nicaragua Las Promesas

Picked By: Nick Deirerlein, Customer Experience

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is my alma mater! Their coffee fueled me through college and I had the opportunity to join their team of baristas before graduating. This experience opened my eyes to the world of specialty coffee, direct trade partnerships, and also introduced me to Fellow. BRCR is expanding all over San Diego and I bet it’s only a matter of time before we see ‘em up here. If you haven’t tried their coffee yet, now's the time to be an early adopter!”

Boxcar Coffee

Boxcar Coffee

Denver, CO

El Salvador Himalaya Gesha

Picked By: Jessa Strayer, Design Lead

“We took a trip to Colorado with my family for the Great American Beer Festival. Brewing beer and exploring craft breweries has turned into something of a tradition with my family. In the spirit of brewed beverages, I introduced them to specialty coffee while we were in town. (They only got a little annoyed that I wouldn’t go to just any coffee shop on the street.) We stopped into Boxcar while walking around Boulder and everyone was so impressed with their drinks. As the designer in the family, I was also impressed by their fun and simple brand. Even my uncle who said he wasn’t a big fan of coffee, was inspired to start making drip coffee at home after the trip! I love that now brewing coffee is something else we can all share.”