Dads love coffee and summer is heating up, so why not make him one of the best cups he’s ever had for Father’s Day to celebrate all he’s done? The best part: you can make Dad a strong cup of cold brew or iced coffee to kick off the weekend with less than ten minutes of prep work (minus some overnight steeping).

Check out our video to learn how to make both, or below for the step by step recipe for Duo Coffee Steeper.

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Japanese Style/Iced Coffee:

Japanese style or iced coffee is cold coffee for the instant gratification type. Since heat increases solubility, making cold coffee with hot water results in a better short extraction than say warm or room temperature coffee. Cooling instantly also locks in aromatics that might escape if you cool hot coffee slowly in a fridge. Interested in the science behind Japanese style? Check out this blog post on Japanese iced coffee benefits for the nitty gritty details of iced coffee solubility, volatility and oxidation.

To prepare this method, brew hot coffee as you normally would in the brewer of your choice. We usually make the coffee a bit condensed to prep for some dilution from the ice. For Duo, we recommend:

  • Load the carafe with ice before starting to brew.
  • Add 49 grams of coarsely ground coffee to the brew chamber.
  • Add 24 oz (to the top of the inverted cone filter) of hot water (195-205 F) to the chamber.
  • Let sit for 4 minutes then twist Duo’s top to release coffee onto the ice in the bottom glass carafe.

You can also add ice to your favorite mug to cool down the coffee even more.


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Cold Brew Coffee:

Cold brew coffee is extracting coffee over a long period of time (12-24 hours) in room temperature to cold water. The result is a low acid, syrupy sweet brew you can sip on all day. To prepare this method, add coffee grounds and cold water to the full immersion brewer of your choice.

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For Duo, we recommend:

  • Add 45 grams of coarsely ground coffee
  • Pour in room temperature or cold water to the top of the inverted cone filter (24 oz).
  • Let sit for 12-24 hours in your fridge or on your counter.

Once done, twist Duo’s top to release coffee into the bottom glass carafe. This cold brew will keep for the next week in your fridge for Dad to enjoy again and again.

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Whichever brew method you end up making for Dad, its a guaranteed hit this summer!