Illustrated Fellow Stagg EKG brewing iced coffee into Stagg [X] Dripper on top of an ice

So you’ve had a little while to practice your pour-over technique and you are getting really good at it, but the weather is warming up and a really good iced coffee would hit the spot! Maybe you don't have all the equipment for cold brew or don't want to allocate a whole bag of beans to brewing iced coffee. So how are you going to MacGyver your way out of this one?

Not to fear. We're going to give you a recipe with a couple of variations that will create an iced coffee to write home... or maybe someone else's home about! Essentially, we'll start by using a standard pour-over method, and then make a couple of tweaks to this recipe to create a concentrate.

The Tools

Stagg Pour-Over Dripper
Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe
Stagg EKG
Gram scale

The Ingredients

20 grams of medium roasted coffee
160 grams of 205°F water 
180 grams of ice

The Recipe

1) Grind the coffee slightly finer than you would for a pour-over.

2) Add all of your ground coffee to your dripper and settle the grounds to level out the surface.

3) Add 180 grams of ice to the carafe you are brewing into before putting the dripper on top.

4) Pouring slowly, pour 40 grams of the hot water evenly over the coffee bed and let sit for 45 seconds. 

5) Add 3 more 40 gram pours for a total water weight of 160 grams. Allow the coffee bed to go completely "dry." That means no water still sitting on the ground coffee before each consecutive pour.

6) Stir and enjoy!

As always, deciding how to brew the coffee is entirely up to you. Following this recipe directly will give you a great iced coffee! If you are brewing into something that you’ll be pouring from though (i.e. Chemex), you can also try brewing the concentrate without the ice. When you are done brewing, add one or two ice cubes to the concentrate to cool it down. Once the concentrate is cooled you can pour it over ice in one or more cups. This is a great way to brew for more than one person at a time.

Illustration: Julian Birchman