Key Essentials For Your Home Brew Station
Key Essentials For Your Home Brew Station

Making coffee at home can be a lot of fun, especially when you have the right set-up. It can be quite addictive, actually—much like coffee, itself. But knowing which products are essential or overkill can be quite a lot to sieve through. Fret not, dear reader! We’ve created an easy-to-follow outline on how to set-up your very own brew station at home. From grinders and kettles, to vacuum-sealed containers and tasting glasses, here’s the gear you need to brew café-quality coffee in your kitchen. Plus, our picks will make any counter look like it’s straight out of your favorite influencer’s kitchen. And who doesn’t love a little social media clout in the 2020s?

Ode Brew Grinder

Fellow Ode Brew GrinderOde Brew Grinder is the perfect centerpiece to build your home brew station around. With a single dose load bin instead of the traditional oversized hopper, Ode is not only sleek and small also but sets your routine up for maximum bean freshness. This grinder features 64 mm flat burrs for exceptionally uniform grounds and 31 grind settings, making premium grounds for everything from AeroPress® to French press and is especially perfect for pour-overs! 

Stagg EKG

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pour-Over Kettle in matte black
You have Ode, but these grinds aren’t going to brew themselves. Stagg EKG is the Beyoncé of Fellow’s product line—everyone loves her and admires her range of talents. Our award-winning electric kettle makes your pour-over life much easier with its to-the-degree temperature control, precision pour spout, and built-in brew stopwatch. Oh, did we mention there’s a video game integrated in the base? Inspired by Snake on the old school Nokia phone, Wormy is not only the best video game in an electric kettle, it’s the only one!

Stagg [XF] Dripper

Fellow Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Drippe

It’s time to make a life-changing pour-over with our Stagg [XF] Dripper. This is a fantastic addition to your slew of Fellow gear. Not only is it vacuum insulated to keep temperature regulated while brewing, it fits perfectly on our carafes, large Joeys, Montys, and on our Carter mugs! The dripper also comes with a ratio aid that allows you to easily measure your beans without a scale and you can use it as a drip cup to keep from drip-dropping hot coffee all over your hands and floor on the way to the compost. Game changer, indeed. 

Stagg Double Wall Carafe

Fellow Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe with Stagg [XF] Dripper

Next, something to drip that coffee into. Stagg Double Wall Glass Carafe provides extra insulation for your coffee (hotter for longer), and you won’t worry about burning your hands. It’s complete with dots on the side to indicate serving sizes for one or two people and has enough room to squeeze a third in at the top. This is perfect for making pour-overs for multiple people in the morning, instead of having to do pour-overs in each individual cup.

Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canisters in clear glassHey, a mason jar is cool and all, but nothing compares to a container that will keep your coffee fresher for way longer. Atmos features a vacuum canister lid, which pulls oxygen from the container, increasing the lifespan of your coffee beans by up to 50%. In three sizes and available in matte white, matte black, and clear, Atmos is ideal for whether you live alone in a studio or with a whole family. 

Tasting Glasses

Fellow Tasting Glasses

Finally! Time to drink that amazing brew. With a flared lip to deliver coffee to your entire palate, our Tasting Glasses are ideal for appreciating your favorite pour-over. It’s so-cute-I-need-this-for-Instagram-clout cuteness is emphasized by double-walled glass, perfect for observing differences in hue and color when comparing different roasts. Plus, you can enjoy the tasting experience with your favorite person—Tasting Glasses come in a set of two! 

Carter Move Mug

Carter Move Mug

Some mornings you’ve got to move fast. For days on-the-go, look no further than Carter Move Mug. These travel mugs are coated in a True Taste Ceramic Coating and a thin, Cabernet glass-inspired lip allowing you to appreciate your glorious morning brew. The mugs are also double-walled, providing exceptional heat retention for long days. Complete with a unique snap-in splash-guard your coffee is protected and in your cup while in traffic or darting past folks on busy streets. Now, you can confidently rock a white outfit with a cup of coffee in hand! Carter Move Mugs are available in various sizes so whether you’re a small, medium, or large drink kind of person, we’ve got you covered.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Social Kit

We are so excited to see your brew stations featuring Fellow gear! From coffee novice or to pour-over pro, there’s nothing like upgrading your home gear. If you set up a brew station using this article or already have one situated, do not hesitate to send us pictures. We love to see the infinite ways Fellow lovers use our products!