Pu-erh is a dark tea capable of deep earthy flavors cup after cup, for multiple infusions.


Pu-erh is called a dark tea because it’s fermented from natural bacteria and yeasts on the leaves of the tea plant. The microbial processing is what makes dark teas “dark” and earthier than black teas. Pu-erh’s flavor profile varies depending on the extent of fermentation and age of the tea. The cup is clean and smooth, but earthy with surprisingly sweet undertones.


Hekai premium tea




Usually Pu-erh comes in a dense brick or cake that you need to flake off pieces to brew. With quality aged Pu-ehr, brew using a water temperature between 203-212 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the fermentation process, Pu-erh can be brewed repeatedly without bitterness. For the first few infusions, try steeping for no more than 30 seconds. As you infuse the same pot multiple times, steep for 1-10 minutes.

For more info, check out our tutorial video on brewing tea with Duo Coffee Steeper where we highlight Pu-erh tea.