Throughout 50 states…
Across 6 time zones…
Tucked into snow-capped mountains, strewn amount glittering cities, perched along coastal cliffs…
From sea to shining sea…

As of June 2018, we know of nearly 2,000 individual coffee roasters in the United States alone! Not to mention the countless cafés and businesses that put that coffee into our sleepy hands every single day. We as Americans are truly blessed in our endless options toward our pursuit of the perfect cup of joe! This month at Fellow, in keeping with the spirit of our national holiday, we wanted to celebrate some of our country’s great purveyors of coffee from coast-to-coast. We invite you to enjoy these fine brews from:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon
Lord Windsor Coffee Roasters – Long Beach, California
Madcap Coffee Company – Grand Rapids, Michigan
Flat Track Coffee – Austin, Texas
George Howell Coffee – Newtonville, Massachusetts

Join us this month in reaping the fruits of our Caffeination Nation. Let’s hear it for the Red, White, and Brew!

Portland, OR | Founded 1999 by Duane Sorenson

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Fun Fact: Stumptown was one of the first specialty roasters to offer a wide variety of lighter roasted single origin coffees, as well as having a focus on educating its customers about coffee production. They currently have cafes in Portland, Seattle, LA, New York, New Orleans, and Chicago.

Coffee/Origin: Guatemala Bella Vista
Variety: Bourbon, Tekisic, Caturra, and Villa Sarchi
Process: Washed
Notes: Cherry, Plum, Grapenuts

“Luis Pedro Zelaya is a fourth generation coffee producer and a leader in the Antigua coffee community. With a background in agronomy, he brings knowledge and innovation to all aspects of his practices. At his Bella Vista mill, Luis Pedro cultivates, processes, mills, and roasts his coffee, which he also serves at his two cafes in Antigua and Guatemala City. He focuses on pruning, tissue management, soil enrichment, and preventative methods for plant health. Coffee cherry comes in from his farms and is then depulped, fermented and washed, while being kept separate by lot and varietal. Luis Pedro uses a combination of patio drying, covered raised beds, and guardiolas; moisture is monitored closely.

Luis Pedro follows a regimented pruning schedule; he uses a three-row technique to renovate in a cadence that helps maintain consistent plant yields. Each year he prunes back a third of the plants on the farm, while the next third grows back, and the last third is at full cherry production. The technique prevents inconsistency in yields many farmers may experience.

For every bag of Bella Vista sold, Stumptown will donate $1 to a scholarship fund to send a Guatemalan student to EARTH University.”  – Stumptown Coffee Roasters (@stumptowncoffee)


Long Beach, CA | Founded 2012 by Wade and Lindsay Ries Windsor

Fun Fact: Wade began his love for roasting at home on a Whirly Pop, the classic stovetop popcorn maker!

Lord Windsor Coffee

Coffee/Origin: Bella Vista Chiapas, Mexico
Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Mundo Nuvo
Process: Washed
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Walnuts, Cherry

“Surf wax and coffee chaff…if the day involves both, it’s going to be a good one! It was this thought that led us to create Lord Windsor Coffee. Since 2012, we’ve been roasting the highest-grade, seasonally available coffee sourced from around the world. Along the way, we’ve made a name for ourselves, upped the caffeine intake in the great city of Long Beach and scored some great waves. To us, coffee isn’t just a product; it’s an experience that we casually take seriously.” – Lord Windsor Coffee (@lordwindsorcoffee)

Ann Arbor, MI | Founded in 2008 by Ryan Knapp and Trevor Corlett

Fun Fact: “Madcap” means “unconventional,” which the owners felt described them and their mission well!

Madcap Coffee

Coffee/Origin: Rwanda Kanzu
Variety: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Notes: Raspberry, White Tea, Delicate, Grapefruit

“Kanzu washing station sits at 1900 meters in Nyamasheke, located in Southwestern Rwanda. The coffee grows in rich volcanic soil on rolling, steep hills that tower over the station reaching up to 2200 meters. The soil, high elevations, and cool climate are perfect for producing ripe, dense fruit. The washing station has poured resources into an improved infrastructure, training farmers on the best agronomic practices, and improving quality which shines through in the cup each season.” – Madcap Coffee Company (@madcapcoffee)

Austin, TX | Founded in 2012 by Sterling Roberts and Matt Bolick

Fun Fact: Matt and Sterling are both avid bike enthusiasts, so it is no surprise that Flat Track’s roastery and cafe shares a space with a bicycle repair and customization shop called Cycleast!

Flat Track Coffee


Coffee/Origin: Ethiopia Guji Kercha
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Notes: Cocoa, Cranberry Juice, Biscotti

“Guji coffee has been receiving a lot of attention from the specialty coffee world in the past several years, and for good reason. Many privately owned washing stations have sprung up recently, in an area that has traditionally processed coffee using a natural (dry) method. The quality of these washed coffees can be outstanding, which isn’t surprising considering the area’s close proximity to Yirgacheffe. “Close” is relative speaking in terms of travel in Ethiopia, where 100 km can mean a 10 hour drive, but the variety of terrain and culture in that short distance is incredible.

Guji is an administrative zone of the Oromia region of Ethiopia, which gained political definition in 2002. Prior to that year, the Guji territory (named for the Guji tribe of the Oromo people) was a part of the Borena zone. Guji Zone shares a border with the Southern Nations, Nationalities & People’s Region (SNNP,) which includes Gedeo Zone (where Yirgacheffe is located) and Sidama Zone.” – Flat Track Coffee (@flattrackcoffee)

Newtonville, MA | Founded in 2012 by George Howell

Fun Fact: George Howell is a serious OG in the coffee world! He pioneered single origin offerings, lighter roasting, and thoughtful cafe experience- all approaches held in high esteem in today’s specialty coffee community!

George Howell

Coffee/Origin: Ethiopia Yukro
Variety: Heirloom
Process: Washed
Notes: Lilac, Peach, Cherry

“Yukro is a small farmer cooperative, established in 2010 in a zone that was, until then, strictly commercial quality. Members harvest coffee from the forest around them (this is the birthplace of Coffea Arabica) and from plantings. They carefully soak the ripe beans, after processing, to extract the maximum clarity of flavor. Yukro members harvest coffee from the forest and from plantings. TechnoServe, an NGO, is working directly with the Yukro Cooperative and other cooperatives in the region as a coordinator between agronomists and managers, as well as a business adviser to help the cooperatives manage their debts, re-invest in quality improvements at the mills, and verify distribution of income to all members. The achievements of the Ethiopian farmer communities with the assistance of TechnoServe seem monumental to me. From producers of run-of-mill commercial coffee of little worth they have catapulted to being the highest quality producers in Ethiopia” – George Howell Coffee (@ghowellcoffee)

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