SCAA 2016 Recap

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This past weekend we journeyed to Atlanta for our second SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). Here’s our recap of the weekend and the cool batch brewers, grinders and coffee we played with.


Showing Off Stagg Pour-Over Kettle

Since Stagg launched in September of 2015, this was our mighty kettle’s first SCAA appearance. We had a blast showing off Stagg’s current design and its new color debuting in two months. We also gave a little sneak peak of some other products scheduled to launch this summer…stay tuned

2016-04-15 13.03.32-1


Apart from gossiping about super secret new products at our booth, we spent the weekend nerding out over what’s new in specialty coffee. While some have launched, it’s also interesting to see others who are still working through production.

Our Top 3:

Ground Control Batch Brewer

Batch brewers came in all shapes and sizes at SCAA this year. One we’re really excited about is Ground Control. Although this product is still in Beta mode, it’s ability to pull multiple extractions from one batch of coffee is huge (and it actually brews a solid cup). Ground Control uses multiple immersions and a vacuum to boost a high extraction yield. The vacuum completely drys grinds in between washes allowing for repeat pulls. We’re pumped to see all of the different ways this technology can be used and looking forward to seeing some future ID upgrades.

Baratza/Acaia Sette 270W

Baratza teamed up with Acaia to create this beauty. It has an integrated scale that allows you to grind by weight, and also lets you keep track of your various grind sessions to dial in the perfect brew. There’s a nifty “convertible holder” that lets you grind directly into your portafilter/dripper/etc. So no more grinding into a useless bin you end up losing.



Revelator Coffee

We traveled home with a bag of Revelator’s Honey Processed Panama and it’s been getting us through our post SCAA slump. With hints of vanilla and an apple acidity this roast has been a Fellow team favorite.

Revelator Coffee logo


And to end our recap, here’s some shots of the team enjoying free donut walls, eccentric Lyft rides and channeling their inner Lenny Kravitz while at SCAA.


Lenny Kravitz
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