Do you want the responsibility to take a product from concept to production, that is manufactured and used by hundreds of thousands of people everyday? Fellow is looking for a devoted Product Engineer like you. You may be wondering “what is a Product Engineer?” At Fellow, our Product team is full of engineers who keep the user’s needs in mind as they own their products from beginning to end.

About Fellow:

Fellow’s mission is to help people perfect their ‘liquid craft’ by marrying professional knowledge, relevant functionality and thoughtful design. From the outside, Fellow makes high-end coffee equipment for the world’s best baristas and home enthusiasts. But peeking under the hood reveals many intertwined endeavors that make up the brand, which may help you understand Fellow’s growing attention and future growth ambitions.

Fellow is a small but fast growing company: you can find our products in Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, West Elm, Amazon, and distributed internationally in over 40 countries.  The products have won prestigious design awards like the international RedDot design award, are featured at MOMA design stores, and available in hundreds of the best cafes across America. Our retail store in the heart of Mission district, San Francisco, serves to be a playground to experiment and redefine what customer experience really means as a brand; a mashup of a design museum, cooking class, and cafe.  International barista champions as well as cafe staff choose Fellow products as their tool of choice, which stands as proof that our products are professional grade while being friendly to a broader audience.

The Fellow team is small but made up of dedicated individuals who bring our own ‘craft’ into the profession: sales and marketing, brand, design and engineering, and cafe operations.  Collective experiences come from Blue Bottle, Apple, Oracle, IDEO, Intuitive Surgical, GoPro, and Stanford Graduate School of Business, just to name a few. Born out of a passion in craft, boosted via Kickstarter campaigns, and gained relevance and adoption by professionals and the community, Fellow is at a phase change moment to propel the company forward while staying deeply grounded in design, brand, and operation.

Role and Responsibilities:

As Fellow’s product portfolio expands, this person plays a significant role as an early member of Fellow’s engineering team. The engineer will have significant ownership, wearing many hats along the entire product development cycle.  Significant professional growth is expected.

Responsibilities may include but not limited to:

  • Product Development: initiate and own new product development, product requirements, and R&D.
  • Design: Work closely with our design partners to develop new award winning industrial design.
  • Research: analyze competitive landscape, talk with users, understand regulatory requirements, investigate technical root cause, and provide recommendations.
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control: support production at contract manufacturers, incorporate process improvement, document quality control SOP, own sustaining engineering for current products.
  • Ability to travel up to 10%

Professional Qualifications:

  • 4+ years of hardware experience in consumer electronics, power tools, home appliances (or similar relevant industry)
  • Deep understanding of how to build hardware products, including electrical, mechanical, sensor, and architecture decisions

Experience in:

  • Successfully launching hardware products 
  • EE system architectures
  • Embedded software definition and requirements documentation
  • Comfortable and flexible on the software/hardware border
  • Managing external consultants
  • Working with contract manufacturers in Asia

Experience Bonus Points in:

  • Experience with high voltage (110V, 220V)
  • Mechanical systems
  • Manufacturing methods, both electrical and mechanical
  • Chinese language skills
  • Reliability testing experience
  • Working knowledge of regulatory requirements (US and International: UL, CE, etc)

Key Attributes Necessary For Success:

  • Strong critical thinking
  • Inquisitive and self starter
  • Hands-on
  • Attention to detail
  • Can-do attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible team player

Perks And Benefits:

  • Rare and Exceptional Experience
  • Lead product development all the way through: from initial conception to mass production
  • Small, fun, fast growing, and dynamic environment
  • Competitive PTO plan
  • Generous restricted stock option plan
  • Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Unlimited specialty coffee
  • Close proximity to Mission district and BART stops in San Francisco

To apply, please visit this link and fill out the application form.