International Sales Specialist 

Fellow is searching for an International Sales Specialist to work directly with the Head of International Sales. International sales equate to 40% of Fellow’s wholesale business and continues to grow.  This position will assist with generating and processing inbound leads, order fulfillment, supporting retail and hospitality channels, and some direct account management.

Key Responsibilities:

Inbound Account Management: Each day Fellow receives requests from retailers, hotels, and coffeehouses from around the world to sell Fellow products. After screening each lead to ensure a fit with the Fellow brand, you will work to help close the sale and provide exceptional customer service and operational support. 

Account Management: It’s not all about new clients; you’re also responsible for growing your business with your existing accounts. Deliver exceptional customer service and operational support and you’ll reap the rewards for years.

Distributor Support: Fellow utilizes a large network of international distributors who represent our line of products on a regional basis.  The International Sales Specialist will help the Head of International Sales handle sales support and communication with these valued partners. 

Tradeshow Marketing: Fellow attends more than 10 tradeshows annually. The International Sales Support/Specialist will attend a number of these and hustle from sunrise to sunset to produce as many qualified leads as possible. After each show, you will work with the Head of International Sales to follow up directly with each lead and work to close the sale.

Partnerships: Fellow is always interested in partnering with wholesale accounts in new and different ways. It’s your job to identify these opportunities, pitch them to the team, get approval and run with it.

Build channel strategy: Work in conjunction with the Head of International Sales to research and develop a strategy to grow international hospitality and retail opportunities into big businesses for Fellow. This means defining your customer targets, working with marketing to build sales materials, developing plans to operationalize, etc.


A bit about Fellow:

First, what we are not:

Fellow is not a tech start-up and will not be worth 4 billion dollars in three months. Ain’t going to happen folks. Fellow does not offer a free shuttle, onsite meals, or gym memberships. Sorry. Although on occasion you will be required to lift 15-pound shipping boxes, so I guess that counts as a free workout. And we do provide lunch and bagels from time to time. Definitely drinks every Friday. We just want to be transparent from the get-go. 

What we are:

We’re a handful of nerds in love with coffee and obsessed with product design. We’re here because you should never have to choose between aesthetics and functionality. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a beginner, we believe everyone should have fun with the craft of brewing.

Fellow began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, by our founder Jake Miller. Today we are a mighty ~25 person team made up of product, marketing, sales, operations/finance, customer service, and retail specialists. We opened our first flagship store in 2017 in San Francisco’s Mission District. We call it the Playground and created it to be a space where customers can brew and test our products, share coffee tips, take a class, or just talk shop. Recently we’ve been making waves with our award-winning product, from our latest Kickstarter launch, the highly anticipated Ode Brew Grinder, to the Stagg EKG, which won the Red Dot Award in April 2018. Our small startup is continually growing and rapidly expanding its portfolio of coffee and tea brewing products.

A bit about you:

You love to delight the customer and make it your mission to provide excellent customer service to all of your accounts.  Aggressive sales goals motivate you instead of intimidating you. You thrive in a team atmosphere, and work will with others.  At the end of each week you are excited to share your accomplishments with the team. You’re confident and seek out challenges. A “no” to you means that you are just that much closer to a “yes” from the next customer. You have a passion for design and enjoy nerding out over cool features and benefits. You like coffee. You’re scrappy. The thought of working for Big Business repulses you. Your middle name is “Strategic problem solver who is really good at getting things done.” The reality is there are many things that need to get done and only a couple people to do the lifting. You are quick to help in any way possible. 

Required Skills

-2+ years of experience account management, customer interfacing, and working with physical product sales

-Familiarity with Excel, Slides, G Suite

-Undergraduate degree

-Prior experience at a start-up is a plus

To Apply

Email a cover letter & resume to