Today's drop features Kenya Kagumoini AA by Bold Bean. We brewed this coffee with Stagg X and our recipe is below. Let us know if you have any questions.

Kenya Kagumoini AA

Tasting Notes: Cantaloupe, Melon, Pear, Honeycomb, Fluffy Mouthfeel
🌍 Origin: Mathioya, Nyeri, Kenya
💦 Process: Washed
🔬 Varietal: SL28, SL34
⛰ Elevation: 1,750 MASL

Pour Over Recipe:

Ode Setting 2-2/3, 204F 23g in, 350g out
Pour 1: 40g bloom (35-45s)
Pour 2: 110g to 150g
Pour 3: 100g to 250g
Pour 4: 100g to 350g