What's included

For perfect pour-over coffee, choose Stagg EKG: featuring a precision pour spout designed for the optimal flow rate and a counterbalanced handle. For brewing everything beyond pour-over, chose Corvo EKG: featuring a wide spout for quick pouring and precision temperature control for tea, immersion brewing, or anything else you need quick-heated water for. Each kettle is available with super-powered Pro features and stunning Studio Edition materials.

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  • Quick Heat Time

  • Exact Temperature Control

  • Hold Mode

  • Choice of Materials

For an all-purpose grinder at an unparalleled value, choose Opus Conical Burr Grinder: featuring 41 settings from espresso to cold brew. To level-up your everyday brew routine with cafe-grade performance, choose Ode Gen 2: featuring brand new flat burrs for more precision and range, from pour-over to cold brew.

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  • Mess-Free

  • Quiet Grind

  • Best-in-Class Burrs

  • Auto Stop

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