Stovetop Kettles

Heat your water the old school, analog way.
Can't settle on the right kettle? Can't settle on the right kettle?

Can't settle on the right kettle?

Maybe one of our electric kettles is what you need.

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Stovetop Kettles

Features To Look For in a Stovetop Kettle

When brewing the perfect cup of tea or coffee, having a quality stovetop kettle is essential. At Fellow, we specialize in providing high-quality stovetop kettles that ensure a flavorful experience and look good in your kitchen.

Temperature Control

The quality and taste of your brew can be affected by water temperature. Look for kettles with variable temperature settings to ensure optimal heating for each beverage. This is especially true for pour-over coffee. Our Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle and Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle + Tea Steeper both feature a digital display, allowing you to select your desired temperature with accuracy and precision.

It should take less than a minute for the kettle to reach boiling point, especially if you’re brewing multiple batches of tea or coffee in one go. Our kettles provide consistent results due to their quick heat-up times.

Quality Design

Design is as important as function for stovetops and electrical kettles. The Stagg Electric Pour-Over Kettle and the Fellow Clyde Stove Top Tea Kettle both feature a sleek, modern design to enhance any kitchen.