This week's drop is a Holiday Giftbox featuring three special coffees from Ruby Coffee Roasters! Hailie walks you through a triple Clara French Press brew. As always, let us know if you have any questions on brewing or on Drops.

Clara French Press Recipe:

Ode Setting 5 2/3,
207F Water

1. 48g in, Pour to 700g.
2. Wait until 30-40s, then stir.
3. Plunge at 4 minutes.

Pour Over Recipes:

Ode Setting 1-2/3
Ethiopia Wate and Jose Uribe Lasso
23g in / 350g out, brewed at 205
Flor de Cafe
23.5g in / 350g out, brewed at 205

Pour 1: Pour to 40g, swirl, 30s bloom
Pour 2: Pour to 150g, allow drawdown
Pour 3: Pour 100g to 250g, allow drawdown
Pour 4: Pour 100g to 350g

🍐 Colombia Jose Uribe Lasso - An extended fermentation time brought out fascinating notes of pear and kumquat in this washed Caturra, perfect to impress the brewing nerd in your life.

🍫 Guatemala Flor De Cafe - A Drops premiere. With accessible notes of dark chocolate and toffee, this coffee is a great introduction to sublime single origins for your loved one.

🍬 Ethiopia Wate - Exclusive! From one of Ethiopia’s youngest growing regions, this coffee takes the fruity flavors you’d expect and adds a candy twist: lime zest, lemon curd, and candied ginger. You should probably just keep this one to yourself...