When Stagg Pour-Over Kettle first launched at the end of 2015, we were overwhelmed by the demand. Not only were you guys ordering them like hot cakes, but even our favorite baristas started to get in on the action. To have our kettle used in national and international competitions, as well as earn design award recognition and a placement in the NY Museum of Modern Art Design Store, was beyond our wildest expectations for Stagg’s first year.

So why launch a Second Generation Stagg? Because after gathering feedback we know we can make it better, and product design and development doesn’t stop at launch – we view everything as a prototype.

We’re always working on ways to improve our current products as fast, and cost efficiently as possible for the consumer. We’re always listening and constantly looking for ways to improve the products we offer.

So let’s talk about the improvements coming with the second generation of Stagg…

Metal Lid

Goodbye plastic, hello sleek stainless steel. We originally landed on a food-safe plastic for two reasons. First, there’s a smaller chance of the consumer burning themselves. Second, the injection molding process worked well for the convex lid shape. Looking back, plastic wasn’t as durable as we wanted (and as you voiced), so we worked hard to produce the same shape in metal. 


Updated Pour Spout with Fluting Tip

After testing different spout angles and tip adjustments, we landed on a narrow fluting feature to allow for an even finer pour without any water drip back down the spout. This fluting will give you to the drop control on your pour.



Handle Cap

With generation one, if Stagg had a particularly rough journey in the mail, sometimes the cap on the bottom of the handle would pop off. Even though it snapped back on, an unboxing experience of assembling small bits and pieces of your kettle is less than ideal.. So, we re-tooled and moved away from a snap-in design to a screw-in design.

Stagg Handle Replacement

Overall Fit and Finish

Our quality and consistency gets better with each production run. We’ve tightened our QC standards to ensure you’ll receive a product you love. And if not, just let us know and we’ll make it right.
So there you have it, Stagg generation two explained! As always, if you have any questions about Stagg’s design, shoot us a note at