How To Play Bricky
How To Play Bricky

You’ve heard of Wormy, now get ready for Bricky. We updated a feature that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of your coffee but everything to do with making your morning a little more fun. Meet Bricky, the video game hidden inside Stagg EKG Pro, Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition, Corvo EKG Pro, and Corvo EKG Pro Studio Edition. If you’ve ever played Breakout in an arcade or Brick on your old iPod Nano, you’ll already be familiar with what Bricky has to offer. We’ve put our own spin on this timeless classic to brighten up your pour-over coffee routine. 

Step 1: Power on your kettle

Step 2: Remove your kettle from the base.

Step 3: Press the menu button—the smaller button next to the dial.

Step 4: Spin the dial in either direction for a full and continuous six rotations or more.

Step 5: Ta-da! Bricky should pop up and be ready to go.

The game will begin once you turn the dial in any direction. Use the dial as your joystick to control the paddle’s movement going left and right. The goal? Clear the bricks using the paddle and ball. Bricky will move progressively faster as you complete levels. If you want a challenge, see what happens when you get past Level 8!

Your kettle will keep track of your score for each level in your current session, but will reset after every session. If you want to forever remember a performance you’re particularly proud of, Bricky will give you two seconds to take a snapshot of your score after you use up all three of your lives. If you are competing in Bricky Battle, we *highly* recommend having your camera app open and ready to go next to you while playing. If you want to be extra safe, you could take a video of your screen while playing . When you’re all tuckered out breaking bricks and want to exit the game, simply hit the menu button to get back to brewing coffee.

Wormy walked so Bricky could run.