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Onyx Coffee x Fellow

If we could think of one coffee brand we’d want to sit next to at the cafeteria in high school, it’s Onyx Coffee Lab. From their full transparency on green coffee sourcing to edgy branding to a passionate team, they’re the first we wanted to call up for our first ever coffee partnership.

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Blue Bottle Coffee x Fellow

Like two coffee-fueled ships passing in the night, Blue Bottle Coffee and Fellow would quickly whisper collaboration ideas to each other at run-ins over the years. But nothing ever took, and off we sailed on our separate pour-over adventures. Thankfully, the long wait for the perfect project was well worth it.

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Fire Road x Fellow

Beautifully functional has been the foundation of Fellow’s design principles since the beginning. Every element of a design equally pushes forward both functionality and aesthetics. We’ve launched Fellow Partnerships to celebrate brands who share in this same approach when making and creating. For our first collaboration, we’ve partnered with design brand Fire Road helmed by designer Andrew Perkins.

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