The Cold Brew
The Cold Brew

PSA to all iced coffee aficionados. Did you know you can make cold brew in your Clara French Press? No need to clutter your countertop, Clara can do it all.

The Tools

Clara French Press + Agitation Stick
Ode Brew Grinder
Illustrations of Clara French Press, Ode Brew Grinder, and a coffee scale

The Ingredients

70 grams of coffee
700 grams of water at room temperature 

The Recipe

    1. Measure out and grind 70 grams of coffee on a super coarse setting (aka 10 on Ode Brew Grinder).
    2. Add the ground coffee to your Clara French Press.
    3. Pour in 700 grams of water.
      Illustration of first three steps of Clara French Press cold brew recipe
    4. Mix up that brew for 10 seconds. Use your handy agitation stick to make sure the coffee grinds are evenly saturated.
    5. Place the lid back on and press down immediately. 
    6. Remember, patience is a virtue. Let your mixture sit and steep for ~20 hours at room temperature. 
    7. Serve it up with ice!
      Illustration of steps 4-7 of Clara French Press cold brew recipe

The Tips

  • Why steep the cold brew at room temperature? Refrigerating your coffee mixture lessens extraction so leaving it out in your kitchen means you’ll get your properly-steeped cold brew sooner.
  • We’re recommending a 10:1 ratio of water to coffee for the perfect ready-to-serve brew.