How To Brew Iced Coffee At Home With Your Pour-Over
How To Brew Iced Coffee At Home With Your Pour-Over

You wake up. It’s already too hot to imagine brewing coffee. All you have is a pour-over set because you never thought you’d be in this situation. Being this hot was inconceivable just a few weeks ago. Gremlins have come in the night and rearranged your tepid city into a replica of the surface of Mars. You open and close in quick succession several tabs for rush A/C installment. The kettle mocks you with its sheen. Your daily ritual has become a point of pain and obligation. You don’t know how to make cold brew. It probably involves things you don’t have right now like time, jars, stray pieces of fabric, a clear state of mind. There must be another way...

There is...


Fellow’s Iced Coffee Recipe

Illustrated Fellow Stagg EKG brewing iced coffee into Stagg [X] Dripper on top of an ice

The Tools

Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set or Stagg [XF] Pour-Over Set
Stagg EKG 
Gram scale

The Ingredients

20 grams of medium roasted coffee
160 grams of 205°F water 
180 grams of ice

The Recipe

1) Grind the coffee slightly finer than you would for a pour-over.

2) Add all of your ground coffee to your dripper and settle the grounds to level out the surface.

3) Add 180 grams of ice to the carafe you are brewing into before putting the dripper on top.

4) Pouring slowly, pour 40 grams of the hot water evenly over the coffee bed and let sit for 45 seconds.

5) Add 3 more 40 gram pours for a total water weight of 160 grams. Allow the coffee bed to go completely dry. That means no water still sitting on the ground coffee before each consecutive pour.

6) Stir and enjoy!

NOTE: If you are brewing into something that you’ll be pouring from though (i.e. Chemex), you can also try brewing the concentrate without the ice. When you are done brewing, add one or two ice cubes to the concentrate to cool it down. Once the concentrate is cooled you can pour it over ice in one or more cups. 

Stay frosty!

Illustration: Julian Birchman