aeropress and prismo on scale
aeropress and prismo on scale

Brewing immersion aeropress with prismo


Prismo is great for brewing espresso-style coffee, but did you know it also opens up a whole new world of recipes and coffee nerding? You can even switch up your regular ol’ coffee routine by using Prismo for a full immersion brew. How is this different than normal AeroPress® coffee using the inversion method you ask?

With just the AeroPress® Coffee Maker, you can brew immersion coffee by using the plunger as a seal and inverting your coffee maker. While this is effective–and not too tricky to master–with Prismo, you can ditch the flip and brew immersion right into a mug.

One of Prismo’s coffee superpowers is its “No Drip Seal”. Prismo creates a perfect seal inside the AeroPress® chamber, so once you load in your coffee and grinds, there’s no worries about coffee leaking out the bottom. Play with different grind sizes and immersion times to coax out the best flavor from your favorite beans. Plus, once your coffee is done, when you press through Prismo’s Pressure Actuated Valve, the coffee is aerated as it passes through. Resulting in less bitterness and a smoother, creamier cup.


The Recipe

Check out the following recipe and step x step guide for brewing full immersion coffee with Prismo.

Prismo and Coffee


  1. 28g of finely ground coffee
  2. 84g of water at 206°F
  3. Stir to completely wet coffee grounds
  4. Steep for 1 minute
  5. Press (Moderate Pressure)


Step x Step

1. Twist Prismo onto the bottom of your AeroPress® Coffee Maker.


Step 1


2. Heat water to 206°F and prepare 28 grams of finely ground coffee.


Step 2


3. Pour grinds into AeroPress® Coffee Maker brew chamber.


Step 3


4. Pour 84 grams of water into AeroPress® Coffee Maker chamber.


Step 4


5. Stir to wet coffee grounds.


Step 5

 6. Let steep for 1 minute.


Step 6


7. Press with moderate pressure.


Step 7


And finally, enjoy!


*Safety note – For the sake of this instructional post, we use a glass vessel for brewing. Please do not use delicate glass vessels while brewing with Prismo.

(Lead photography by Chloe Wen