Shimmy Coffee Sieve and Prismo Recipe
Shimmy Coffee Sieve and Prismo Recipe

Remember when your personal trainer was all, “Consistency is key,” and you were all, “Okay, Mark, but if I have to do one more push-up, my arms are going to fall off”? Well, we can’t vouch for his workout regimen, but IronMan Mark was right about one thing: consistency is everything when it comes to brewing coffee.

We’re talking about consistent grind size, of course. It’s one of the most important factors in brewing quality coffee, and without it, your brew likely isn’t tasting as good as it could be. Enter Shimmy: one little tool that does some serious heavy lifting for your Prismo. This coffee sieve sifts out all particles under 200 microns for a more uniform grind—which in turn makes for an even extraction, heightened clarity, and more nuanced flavors. 

Instant results, no circuit training required.

The Tools

Shimmy Coffee Sieve
Stagg EKG
Gram scale
AeroPress® Coffee Maker

The Ingredients

  • 18 grams of your favorite coffee
  • 200 grams of 205°F water

The Recipe

1. Grind the coffee slightly coarser than you would for a normal AeroPress attachment, as the metal filter in Prismo is finer than the paper filter for the normal attachment.

2. Make sure to preheat your AeroPress with a quick rinse under hot water, and do the same for Prismo.

3. Set up your AeroPress so that it is NOT inverted, as Prismo is leakproof! Remove the plunger from the AeroPress and attach Prismo by inserting it to the bottom of AeroPress and twisting so that the ears are snugly in the grooves. Place this assembly on the top of your favorite mug.

4. It’s time to Shimmy! After you grind 18 grams of coffee, add it directly into Shimmy before brewing. Take off Shimmy’s top lid and dump your grounds directly into the 200 micron metal filter, reattaching Shimmy’s lid after. Shake for roughly 1 minute with moderate intensity, like you would shake a cocktail shaker!

Shimmy Coffee Sieve pouring grinds into Prismo AeroPress Attachment

5. Pour your coffee into your pre-warmed AeroPress with Prismo. Shimmy should have filtered out all of the “fines,” leaving you with roughly 17 g of coffee.

6. Tare the scale to zero after you have placed the entire assembly (AeroPress and mug) on the scale. Shake the AeroPress to make sure your bed of grounds is flat and even.

7. Make your first pour to “bloom” the coffee by pouring 2x the amount of coffee you used. This means you’re pouring to ~34 g of water.

8. Wait 30 seconds before adding the rest of the water, which should be up to 200 g (or just around the number 4 on the AeroPress’ body).

9. Wait 1 minute before stirring for 10 seconds, preferably with a non-metal spoon or agitator stick.

10. Insert the plunger and apply even pressure the whole time you are pressing down. Something to note here is that if it is too hard to press, you’ve most likely ground too fine, whereas if it is too easy, you’ve ground too coarse. Remove AeroPress from the mug and enjoy!

Note: Shimmy cleans 
easily by removing its lid and metal mesh filter and shaking it out. For deeper cleaning, remove its bottom cap as well, and wipe out with a towel. This is not necessary every time!

Recipe development by Hailie Stevens