Shimmy Coffee Sieve and Stagg [X] Pour-Over Dripper
Shimmy Coffee Sieve and Stagg [X] Pour-Over Dripper

You know how there’s that one thing that instantly makes everything better? Like that perfect rug that took your living room from a random collection of furniture to a West Elm catalog spread? Or that blazer you keep on the back of your desk chair to look sharp for meetings—even if you’re throwing it over yoga pants and your old high school marching band tee? 

Instant pull-it-together powers: that’s Shimmy through and through. If you’re camping with a hand grinder or using your parents’ cheap blade grinder, this coffee sieve will make an immediate difference to the quality of your pour-overs. That’s because Shimmy sifts out all particles under 200 microns, which can clog and muddy your brew, to give you better grind consistency and an even extraction. In other words: one easy step to better tasting  coffee with your Stagg [X] Dripper.

Try the recipe:

The Tools

Shimmy Coffee Sieve
Stagg [X] Pour-Over Set
Stagg EKG
Gram scale

The Ingredients

  • 23 grams of your favorite coffee
  • 350 grams of 205°F water

The Recipe

1. Grind the coffee for a flat-bottom pour-over dripper (finer than AeroPress®, courser than French press).

2. Make sure to wet your paper filter completely with hot water before you begin brewing, allowing the water to sink into your glass or mug to pre-warm it as well. Swoosh it around to transfer heat, and then dump out your water.

3. After you grind 23 grams of coffee, add it directly into Shimmy before brewing. Take off Shimmy’s top lid and dump your grounds directly into the 200 micron metal filter, reattaching Shimmy’s lid after. Shake up to 1 minute with moderate intensity, like you would shake a cocktail shaker!
Shimmy Coffee Sieve pouring grinds into Stagg X Pour-Over Dripper

4. Pour your coffee into the pre-wet filter inside your Stagg [X] Dripper. Shimmy will have filtered out all of the “fines,”or coffee ground smaller and therefore unevenly compared to the majority of your grounds.

5. Toss out the water before you begin brewing, just after you swirl it around a bit to transfer heat! Tare the scale to 0 after you have tossed out the excess water. Shake the dripper to make sure your bed of grounds is flat and even.

6. Make your first pour to “bloom” the coffee by pouring 2x the amount of coffee you used. This means you’re pouring to ~44 g, as Shimmy would have eliminated roughly 1 g of fines. Wait 30-40 seconds.

7. Pour 3 more times, to 150 g, then 250 g, and finally 350 g, making sure to pour only when the water level is low inside the dripper. This process should take ~10 seconds per pour, and should last an additional 3-4 minutes.

8. Wait for your last pour to stop dripping through, remove the Stagg [X] Dripper and put it on its base. Enjoy!

Note: Shimmy cleans easily by removing its lid and metal mesh filter and shaking it out. For deeper cleaning, remove its bottom cap as well, and wipe out with a towel. This is not necessary every time!

Recipe development by Hailie Stevens