graphic logo of the weekender recipe card
graphic logo of the weekender recipe card

What’s the rush? The caffeine-pounding mornings of Monday through Friday are over. It’s the weekend. This is a slow Sunday type of French press recipe. Taking your time is crucial to bring out your coffee’s best notes with Clara.


The Tools

Clara French Press
Corvo EKG
Ode Brew Grinder

The Ingredients

  • 32 grams of coffee
  • Roasted within two weeks of roast date for best results
  • Grind setting 7 on Ode Brew Grinder (coarse to medium coarse grounds)
  • 500 grams of 207°F water

Image of Weekender Recipe Tools Clara, Scale, Ode grinder, agitation stick

The Recipe

1. Add 32 grams of ground coffee to Clara French Press.

2. Pour in all 500 grams of water and then start a timer.


graphic of coffee added to clara french press and then corvo pouring water into clara


3. Put that agitation stick to work! Stir thoroughly for 30 seconds to saturate the coffee grinds.

4. Place the lid back on Clara genty without plunging. Sit tight. Call your mom? She’d love that!


agitation and plunging half way of graphic clara


5. At the 4:30 minute mark, take off the lid and gently use the agitation stick to break up the “crust” that forms. Don’t agitate or pick Clara up yet. We don’t want the grounds at the bottom to move. Place the lid back on.


timer at 4:30 showing breaking of crust of clara french press brew


6. When your timer reaches seven minutes, it’s time to go to town. Gently plunge almost all the way—basically a little more than halfway. 

7. Pour yourself a cup carefully. We don’t want to agitate those grounds at the bottom!


final plunging of clara french press when brew is completed

The Tips 

graphic logo of 207 degrees

Why brew at a hotter temperature?

French press extraction times vary a lot. With this recipe, we’re trying to extract more from the coffee, so we bumped up the water temperature for a faster extraction time. 

timer showing seven minutes

Why such a long brew time?

The coffee stops brewing at the 4:30 minute mark after you break that crust. The last couple of minutes are just for the grounds to settle at the bottom, and you get a cleaner cup of coffee.