Today's drop features Red Rooster Coffee's Holiday Gift Set! Let us know if you have any questions with brewing in the comments below.

🍒 Colombia Finca El Mirador Anaerobic Natural

Removing oxygen allows fruit flavors to really blossom and this is a berry and stone fruit pie.

Ode Setting 1-2/3, 20g in, 300g out, 205F
1. 40g bloom, agitate
2. Pour to 150g.
3. 3x 50g pours

Espresso: 18g in, 54g out 25-30s (Experiment with peak pressure 6-9bars)

🍭 Sumatra Kerinci Gunung Tujuh Natural

A rare process for the region, this coffee’s far sweeter than you’d expect from a Sumatra with none of the earthiness.

Ode Setting 2, 20g in, 300g out, 200F
1. 40g bloom, agitate
2. Pour 60g to 100g.
3. Pour 100g to 200g.
4. Pour 100g to 300g. Agitate.

Espresso: 18g in, 36g out 30s (Peak at 6 bar if your machine can do this!)

💐 Ethiopia Washed Wush Wush

The coffee alternative to bringing flowers, sparkling notes of jasmine and a whole lotta aromatic florals.

Ode Setting 1, 20g in, 340g out, 208F
1. 40g bloom (Bloom up to 1 min), agitate
2. Pour 100g to 140g.
3. Pour 100g to 240g.
4. Pour 100g to 340g. Agitate.

Espresso: 18g in 42g out 30s