This week's drop features Andytown Coffee Roaster's Mexico Bella Vista Women's Group! We've tasted: baking chocolate, maple, and roasted marshmallows. We've found this coffee to be incredibly interesting as starts out with a marshmallow note and develops a pineapple/fruity note as it cools down. We recommend you experiment with different brewing methods with this coffee! We've found it to go great with Prismo to create a cup with enhanced mouth feel (goes perfect with that marshmallow note!). If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you! - Brian

Prismo Recipe:

-20g coffee, 200g water (200f).

-Ode grind setting: 2-3 (we are using 1 notch above 2 in this video)

-agitate at 35-40s

-Press at 1:30

With the Prismo and Aeropress we've found you are able to pull more

Pour-Over Recipe:

22g in, 350g out 2:30-3:00 brew time

Ode Grind setting 3 (You can experiment with 2 and 2 notches above as well)

Temp: 205f

1. Bloom 2x weight (44g) 30-45s

2. Pour 106 to 150g

3. Pour 100g to 250g

4. Pour 100g to 350g

In a pour-over this coffee starts off with a chocolatey/marshmallow note and then develops a pineapple note as it cools.