This week's drop features Spectrum Coffees Biftu Gudina! We've tasted: PEACH RINGS, candy sweetness, orange/citrus. We're brewing using the Stagg [X] dripper, Mighty Small Carafe, and Ode! In a pour-over, this coffee tastes like you are biting right into a peach ring. It's super fun! As an espresso, the peach note becomes impactful and upfront with an orangey finish and candy sweetness. I have always found coffees from Spectrum to be incredibly sweet and candy like and it's awesome. Spectrum Coffee is also transparent with their sourcing and production costs which is an amazing practice to see. If you have any questions please leave a comment below and we'll get back to you! - Brian

Pour-Over Recipe:

- 23-23.5g in, 350g out 2:45-3:00 brew time

- Ode Grind setting 3 (experiment with +/- 1-3 notches depending on dripper and recipe!)

- Temp: 203f

1. Bloom 2x weight (46g) 35s

2. Pour 104 to 150-g

3. Pour 100g to 250g

4. Pour 100g to 350g

In a pour-over, this coffee is incredibly sweet and it tastes like peaches! I always suggest experimenting with finer grind settings to see what flavors you can pull out. - Brian

Espresso Recipe:

-18g in, 36g out

-25-30 seconds


I personally prefer this coffee in a longer ratio of 1:3 as I want to pull out the peach notes more. I would try pulling 45-54g out. If you pull this coffee at 1:2 it is super impactful peach but I'd suggest you experiment with longer ratios on this coffee. I feel the sweetness comes out more this way. -Brian