Because we love gender equity. Because we support women in the coffee industry. Because...she’s the boss.

Real talk: It’s no mystery that historically, men-owned coffee roasters far outnumber women-owned ones. However, we are heartened to see that this trend is changing, and every year more and more women are entering the arena, and challenging the status quo with important perspectives, fresh innovations, and amazing coffee.

In honor of International Women’s Day this month, we are excited to celebrate some of our favorite lady-bosses on the scene with coffees from:

Abanico Coffee Roasters

San Francisco, CA

Honduras Miriam Vasquez

Dispatch Coffee Roasters

Montreal, Canada

Rwanda Nova

Mama Mocha’s

Auburn, AL

“Alabama Snakes” Bourbon-treated Guatemala

Mother Tongue Coffee

Oakland, CA

“Mugshots” Blend

Treeline Coffee Roasters

Bozeman, MT

Burundi Kinyovu

Craftsman Coffee

Pacifica, CA

Crystallized blend of Brazil and Kenya