In the fog of an early Monday morning before work, it can sometimes feel like your life simply depends on coffee. But did you know that there are people whose lives actually depend on coffee?

Crop loss due to climate change, combined with a steadily growing number of coffee drinkers could mean the end of an affordable cup of coffee as we know it. In fact, last year the market price dropped to less than $1 per pound, the lowest price we’ve seen in 13 years! In short; We cannot sustain the brew we know and love without first sustaining the farmers who produce it.

This month we are proud to feature five roasters who have gone above and beyond in their efforts to support a sustainable and transparent relationship with the producers they buy from. By paying fair prices (ie., more!) for their coffee, auditing their own systems, publishing their buying records, and educating their customers.

Come by Fellow all month to learn more about keeping coffee sustainable and try delicious coffees from the roasters who are true champions of the cause.

Counter Culture Coffee

Durham, NC

Uganda Kabeywa Natural

Luna Coffee

Vancouver, Canada

Guatemala “Lychee Glow”

Tim Wendelboe

Oslo, Norway

Cabella Catuai 165

Olympia Coffee

Olympia, WA

Colombia San Sebastian Reserva

Junior's Roasted Coffee

Portland, OR

Ethiopia Der Feres