A bag full of red and green Carter Move Mugs
A bag full of red and green Carter Move Mugs

It may seem like your favorite home brewer has gadgets and gizmos aplenty, but we have a hunch they’re still building their collection. If you’re stuffing the stocking of a coffee lover, you’re in the right place. Below you’ll find 20 coffee-related stocking stuffers—with everything from craft coffee candy bars to specialty shop rags. Select a few items or splurge on the entire set.

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20 Stocking Stuffers for Coffee Lovers

1. Terroir Specialty Chocolate Coffee Bar
It’s chocolatey, it’s coffee-y, and the beans are harvested by small-hold farmers who respect the unique attributes of each ecosystem. What’s not to love?

2. cxffeeblack Beanie
Keep activism at the front of their minds with this form-fitting anti-racism beanie.

3. Pour-Over Ornament
This pour over ornament’s minimal wood design will delight coffee lovers of all kinds.

4. Instant Coffee
Individually wrapped packets give caffeine addicts a fix when they’re in a pinch.

5. Wooden Handle Kits
Spruce up their Stagg kettle with a walnut or maple handle kit.

6. Coffee Bitters
Add the taste they crave to cocktails with these coffee and cocoa small-batch bitters.

7. Letterfolk Coffee Passport
Brew masters will love logging daily bean origin, flavor notes, prep methods, and more. 

8. Reusable CoffeeSock
Never run out of filters again! Browse eco-friendly filters for common brew bar set-ups.

9. Prismo AeroPress® Attachment
AeroPress users take the plunge into espresso-style drinks with this attachment and reusable filter.

10. Coffee Shop Rag
Keep the countertops wiped clean of drips with this shop rag by Onyx Coffee Lab.

11. Waterproof Timer
Keep brew times on track with this magnet-backed timer.

12. Cupping Spoons
You see a soup spoon, I see a specialty coffee slurper.

13. Third Wave Water Mineral Supplements
Tucked in a box the size of a card deck, supplements include magnesium and calcium to enhance their brewing water. Now that’s some high-quality H2O.

14. Coffee Shop-Inspired Candle
Fill them with nostalgic memories and future travel plans with the scents of Methodical’s coffee shop.

15. Carter Move Mug
They’ll jingle all the way home with this cup holder-compatible, splash-resistant travel tumbler. 

16. Stickers
But first, Wormy! Get stickers for those who start their day with a Stagg EKG kettle/controller.

17. Enamel Pin
Add flair to their favorite denim jacket or barista apron with an enamel pin or patch. 

18. Coffee Scoop
When their vacuum canister is full, secure bags of beans with this stylish scoop clip.

19. The Devil’s Cup: A History of the World According to Coffee
Hyped as “essential reading for java junkies” by Anthony Bourdain, Stewart Lee Allen’s paperback unpacks a travelogue of worldwide coffee adventures.

20. Hand Sanitizer
It is 2020, after all.

About The Author: Cristy Wicks is a freelance marketer who keeps a natural Ethiopian roast within reach at all times. From Helsinki to Paris and back to Nashville, she works from cafes all over the world and loves connecting with baristas and bartenders along the way. She and her husband enjoy hosting rambunctious game nights, themed dinner parties, and casual cocktail evenings in their Nashville home.