The 2022 Wormy World Champion trophy surrounded by Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettles
The 2022 Wormy World Champion trophy surrounded by Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettles

Polished Copper Stagg EKG, Matte Black Corvo EKG, and Matte White Stagg EKG on yellow podiums
Clear your calendar, the 2022 Wormy World Championships starts July 18. Seven days of intense gaming, riveting rivalries, and big time prizes—all at your kitchen countertop and all courtesy of your electric kettle!

Courtesy of my electric kettle?

From unique shapes to powerful features to hidden video games, we don’t design products that are like anything else on the market. Wormy is a game you can unlock on the screen of every Fellow Stagg EKG and Corvo EKG. To prepare for the competition, learn how to use the dial as your joystick, and perfect your technique in between pour-overs.

How To Play Wormy

Text "Step 1 Remove the kettle from the base"

We know, it’s counterintuitive: I need my kettle surely? Don’t worry, your kettle will be there, watching curiously. Staring like a dog that you’ve ousted from your bed…
Text "Step 2 Turn on the base"Push the dial to turn on the base of your kettle, just as you would when heating up some water.

Text "Step 3 Learn the Wor-nami Code"Toggle the F/C switch back and forth like you’ve just moved across continents and are still adapting to this strange new temperature system. Keep toggling until Wormy appears on the LCD screen.

Text "Step 4 Nom Nom Nom"Now it’s time to feed Wormy! Wormy only eats bow ties. Use the dial to control Wormy like a joystick and snack on all the bow ties. 

The Rules Of The Game

Stagg EKG sitting on top a pile of gummy wormsThe goal is to feed Wormy 40 bow ties in the shortest amount of time. After eating 40 bow ties, you will see your time on the kettle base. The shorter the time, the better. And the shortest time we see all week from July 18 - July 24 wins the 2022 Wormy World Championships!

How To Submit Your Time

Whether you have a blazing fast score or a score that—how do we say this gently—doesn’t *quite* crack the leaderboard, we still want to hear when you beat the game.
  • If you beat the game by eating all 40 bow ties, a time will display on your kettle’s LCD screen. Take a picture of the time for submission.
  • Submit your photo along with your name, location, Instagram handle, and email address >>> HERE
  • If you beat your time later in the week, just submit again!
  • Every day on Fellow’s Instagram, we’ll be posting the Top 10 World Leaderboard. Keep an eye out for your name!

What You’ll Win

Wormy World Championships prizes
The 2022 Wormy World Champion
Take a bow. You ate 40 Fellow bow ties on your electric kettle in the fastest time in the entire planet. That’s a resume booster, if we’ve ever heard one. You will get $500 worth of Fellowbucks to spend at, the big ass bedazzled 2022 Wormy World Championship trophy, the world’s biggest gummy worm (it’s three pounds), and most importantly: the glory!

$300 in Fellowbucks to spend at

Third Place
$200 in Fellowbucks to spend at

Top 10
We’re not leaving you empty-handed. In fact, we’re giving you something that will never leave your hand! Anyone who lands in the Top 10 will get a limited-edition Wormy Carter Move Mug immortalizing their achievement as 2022 Wormy World Championship Finalist.

Tips From A Former World Champ

Josh Williams 2020 Wormy World ChampionOur 2020 Wormy World Championships winner Josh Williams shared a few sage nuggets on how to worm your way to the top.
  • Start by practicing once a day. Maybe put in a round while your coffee is grinding.
  • Practice more than once a day. Perhaps while doing laundry or with your kettle base just out of shot in a video meeting.
  • Stretch your fingers.
  • Eat a banana.
  • Stay cool. Stress is antithetical to Wormy success.

Follow The Wormy

Stagg EKG's LCD screen with Wormy logo
The 2022 Wormy World Championships runs from July 18-July 24. Submit your time HERE, follow along at @fellowproducts, and make sure to share your Wormy action using #WormyWeek.