Copper Stagg Kettle
This week we’re all copper everything in honor of Copper Stagg’s pre-order launch. You might be asking yourself if Copper Stagg will match anything in your home. Well, we’re glad you asked! We’ve put together a list of our 8 favorite copper things to match your Copper Stagg…

1. Joey Mug

We of course had to put Joey on the top of our list. This mighty mug is currently sold out, but look out for the revival of Joey with new colors, sizes and features end of August!

White Joey Mugs on counter


2. Real Good Chair – Blu Dot

Blu Dot is known for their modern, sleek lines and pops of color. You could sit in this chair and enjoy a cup of coffee made with your Copper Stagg…

copper chair

3. This Copper Base Hover Board

Ok so only the base is copper so it can conduct and electric field…but you could brew a solid cup of coffee using Copper Stagg on your copper based hover board.

4. Copper Martini Glasses

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon…

 Copper Martini Glasses

5. Copper Soaking Tub

We would legitimately buy this if we had $5,000 to spend on a copper soaking tub.

Copper Soaking Tub

6. La Pavoni Concorso

I mean…

La Pavoni Concorso Copper espresso machine side panel

 La Pavoni Concorso Espresso machine with copper panels

7. This Copper Toaster

We might buy this too.

 Copper toaster

8. A Literal Brick Of Copper

In  case your copper obsession gets out of hand, McMASTER-CARR has literally any type of raw copper you might need.

Copper bricks