Andrea Allen On Her Champion Signature Carter Mug
Andrea Allen On Her Champion Signature Carter Mug

Onyx Coffee Lab’s mantra “Never Settle For Good Enough” is evident in everything they do. The Arkansas-based company even has a whopping four US Coffee Championships title holders on staff—one being Onyx’s co-owner Andrea Allen, the 2020 US Barista Champion. To celebrate Andrea’s win, Onyx designed a custom Carter Everywhere Mug called The Champion Signature Carter. Her signature is printed on one side of the warm pink 12 oz mug while a snake slithers on the reverse. We spoke with Andrea to get her perspective on the personalized merch!
Andrea Allen Champion Signature Carter Mug

This is the first ever Carter with a signature on it. What inspired the design?

That’s amazing yay! Well, I utilized a Carter Everywhere Mug in my routine this year to shake/chill my signature drink. It came about because Carter mugs are so super versatile and awesome, and also because I was wanting to utilize low key, more every day items in the preparation of my signature drink. I was fortunate enough to win the USBC title this year and the idea of having a signature mug was a celebration of the whole thing!

Why did you choose the pink Carter Everywhere Mug over all the other hues Fellow offers?
Soft, warm colors have been a thing for us the last couple of years. My USBC set up this year followed that trend—soft pink, yellow, cream, brown—so it felt natural for the mug to be warm, soft, pink, and feminine. 

What does the design represent on the flip side of the signature?
Our company has always incorporated snakes and skulls in our branding. These have evolved over time, and this particular one is meant to coalesce our branding with a coffee plant and a feminine flower vase. I love vases and always utilize them in competition, and it just seemed like a great mark to represent me and my competition routine this year.

How did you use Carter in your routine at the US Coffee Championships?
Oh yes! I used it as a “Shaker” for my signature drink. I put a few ice cubes in followed by the drink, secured the lid, then shook for a bit. A standard strainer fit perfectly over the mouth, so it was a great tool. It was small enough for me to handle well with one hand, was clean because of the lid, fit on my tray, etc. I actually started using it because I drink coffee most days out of my Carter mug and just didn’t have a cocktail setup to begin with and then just ended up loving it.

Andrea Allen pouring latte artPhotography via @onyxcoffeelab

What's your current favorite Onyx coffee to drink out of your Champion Signature Carter?
Oh wow…You know, not to be generic but it’s Southern Weather. We always have this coffee on batch brew at our cafes, and it’s so easy to drink. I’ve been drinking it almost daily for a decade, and it’s become a constant friend of mine. 

Thank you, Andrea! If you want to add the limited-edition Champion Signature Carter to your mug collection, snag it from Onyx Coffee Lab. If your business is interested in a one-of-a-kind Carter, learn more about Fellow's customization options.

Banner image via @andreaarkanspro