It’s chilly out there. What better way to warm up the holidays than with some homemade peppermint tea?

Here’s how you can make the freshest mint tea in the game with Duo Coffee Steeper. Although this recipe is tailored to Duo, feel free to use other tea steepers. We’ve also added some extras tip and tricks to spice up the flavor.

Whether you’re at home or at work, this tea recipe is foolproof. Mint is a durable herb, so you could even leave a bundle of it in a jar at work for tea steeping throughout the week.




  • 1 handful of peppermint (or any type of mint you prefer: spearmint, chocolate mint etc.)
  • 1 vanilla bean pod
  • The sun
  • For the sweet tooth: 1 tbsp honey, 1 dash milk
  • For chocolate cravers: hot chocolate mix packet
  • For the classic: 1 pinch tarragon, 1 lemon wedge


Take 15-20 fresh mint leaves from your handful. Wash leaves and pad dry. For a sweeter more delicate taste, tear up fresh leaves and put in your Duo Coffee Steeper’s brew chamber. For an earthier taste, lay leaves out on a tray where they will receive direct sunlight for a day.  Once dry, tear up and place in your steeper.



Once your mint is ready, grab your vanilla bean and slice it open. Throw the pod into Duo’s brew chamber. If you’re interested in our classic recipe, now is the time to throw in the pinch of shredded tarragon and lemon wedge.



Heat water to approx. 205 degrees Fahrenheit and pour into brew chamber up to the top of the inverted cone filter. Let ingredients steep for 5-7 minutes. Twist to release tea into Duo’s glass carafe.




Boom! Peppermint tea!


duo filled with mint tea

Interested in the chocolate craver’s version or sweet tooth recipe? Now is the time to add your hot chocolate mix or honey and milk. For added mouthfeel or garnish, add fresh mint or a lemon wedge to your cup and give a quick stir.

mint pour