Coolin  WIth Cucumber Recipe Illustration

On hot days you just want something cool. Maybe even something... as cool as a cucumber? Get ready to impress with this cucumber mint cocktail for your upcoming outdoor gatherings with *gasp* other humans. Ready those muscles in your muddling arm. Those humans will be coming back for more of this refreshing gin drink.

The Tools

Mighty Small Glass Carafe
Tasting Glasses
Wooden or plastic muddler (do not use a metal muddler, you may risk cracking the glass carafe)
Cocktail strainer
Mini mesh strainer
Cocktail stirrer or metal straw

The Ingredients

2 ounces floral/cucumber-infused gin (This recipe has been tested with a wide variety of gins—a light, floral, summery gin by far offers the best result. The next best option would be to use your favorite Genever gin. London Dry is not recommended.)
½ cucumber with half skins peeled off, diced
Small handful mint, slapped (Yes, slap that mint with your hands! It expresses oils in the leaves.)
½ - 1 ounce simple syrup (to taste)
½ - 1 ounce lime juice (to taste)

Image of Tools

The Recipe

1. In Mighty Small Glass Carafe, add mint and cucumber pieces. Muddle thoroughly until cucumber is fully macerated. Try to extract as much juice from the cucumber as possible. A juicer, blender, or food processor would also be great options to break down the cucumber and mint if you don't have a muddler. 


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2. Add simple syrup, lime juice, and gin to the carafe. Stir to combine. Do not shake it up! Gin becomes bruised if you shake it and will affect the taste.


Step 3 Illustration


3. Double-strain: Place the mini mesh strainer over a Tasting Glass filled with ice. Place cocktail strainer over carafe and pour into mesh strainer directly over ice. Press any excess juices from the cucumber/mint mash from the mesh strainer onto ice. You can also serve it 'up.' This cocktail can work well served up in a coup, white wine, or martini glass.


Step 3 Illustration


4. Garnish with a long, sliced cucumber spear and a small bunch of mint tops. Cluster together near straw and serve.


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