For Father’s Day this year we’ve partnered up with Supersonic Coffee to make sure you gift Dad something a little better than another pair of socks.

If you haven’t heard of Supersonic Coffee here’s a little background: Based in Berkeley, CA, Supersonic is a specialty coffee roaster and training facility. They’ve collected quite a stacked roster of experienced veterans in the specialty coffee industry and as a result produce some of the best coffee in the Bay Area.

Duo dripper and coffee

Since pretty much every Dad we’ve ever met loves a hot cup of joe, we wanted to offer some of Supersonic’s delectable coffee FO’ FREE. Until Father’s Day, if you pick up a Stagg Pour-Over Kettle or Duo Coffee Steeper for Dad, you’ll get a 10.5 oz bag of Supersonic’s Concorde. (That’s $16 worth of coffee people!) This seasonal blend is sourced from Ethiopia and Guatemala and boasts dreamy taste notes of dark chocolate and blood orange.
Of course, make sure you add the code “SUPERSONIC” at checkout to lock down your free bag of Supersonic, because supplies are limited.