Stagg Dripper Dripping

This past week we launched Stagg Pour-Over System. We’re excited to nerd out over each individual component of the system with you, and we’re starting with the coolest one: Stagg Dripper.

So what makes Stagg Pour-Over Dripper so special, you ask?

First and foremost, we set out to design a dripper that’s both easy to use and consistently produces great coffee. With that main goal in mind, let’s break down Stagg Dripper’s design features to show why it produces a ridiculously good cup of coffee, every time.

Stagg Dripper


Double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel.

Yes, there are other stainless steel drippers on the market, but as far as we know, Stagg is the only double wall vacuum insulated manual dripper in existence.

Why is vacuum insulation important? Consistent temperature throughout the brew process results in a better cup. The dripper keeps the temperature constant and prevents heat loss during extraction. Keep an eye out for future posts where we’ll dive into our heat retention tests for Stagg Dripper.

Extra bonus: the double wall keeps your coffee hot, but the outer wall is safe to touch, so no need for a handle in the design.

80 Degree Steep Slope


You’ll notice Stagg is pretty tall relative to other drippers – this is due to Stagg’s very steep inner wall. Dripper wall angle is something we played around with for over a year. We prototyped countless models to better understand how it affects extraction. We landed on a wall angle of 80 degrees. The idea is a steeper wall angle reduces the diameter and increases the height of the column of coffee grounds (think narrower taller puck instead of shorter wider puck). This in turn forces water to make more contact with the coffee as it travels through the dripper, and ultimately yields a higher extraction.



No Clog Drainage

We’ve brewed coffee in almost every pour-over imaginable and one of our biggest pet peeves is when a dripper with only a few drip holes gets a clogged hole… or two. The clogged hole results in an uneven coffee bed and less than ideal brew. For Stagg Dripper we tested fifteen “hole and bump” patterns and then evaluated those designs based on total drip time, symmetry of drips across the pattern, and asymmetrical clogging. We landed on a 10-hole pattern that is complemented by a relatively complex bump pattern to help lift the flat bottom filter off of the holes (direct filter contact clogs holes).



Finally, let’s take a look at the filter itself. These filters are custom designed to get the most out of Stagg Dripper. Two features to note:

Flat Bottom Design

You’ll see this on other drippers as well. The flat bottom helps produce a consistent extraction.

Filter Height

Our filters are much taller than other flat bottom filters on the market (the total volume of our dripper is greater as well). This allows a user to fill up the dripper with more water in a single pour – as opposed to slowly pouring a fine stream for three minutes. Brew method comes down to preference (ease vs. precision), but the increased capacity gives you the option. We’re excited to get this product in your hands and see what techniques and recipes you find work best!  

Whether you’re a coffee beginner looking for a forgiving pour-over without the fuss, or a Brewers Cup Champion looking for the most technologically advanced manual dripper on the market today, Stagg Dripper can be your huckleberry in the quest for the elusive perfect cup.

Don’t forget Stagg Pour Over Dripper, the entire System and all other individual pieces are 15% off but only until August 31st! Snag yours before prices go up folks!

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