Happy 10-Year Fellowversary: A note from our founder
Happy 10-Year Fellowversary: A note from our founder

To the Fearless Friends of Fellow,

Gather round, you mad believers! Today marks a momentous occasion, a feast of triumph and perseverance. It has been a decade since we embarked on this unlikely journey, clawing our way through the unpredictable wilderness of start-up land, armed with nothing but our unwavering determination and a fervent belief in the power of progress. And here we stand, fueled by good coffee, celebrating the glorious 10-year anniversary of Fellow!

Obsession is a double-edged sword. It is both a blessing and a curse, driving us to madness as we strive for the unattainable never ending pursuit of “better.” Our obsession with you, my dear friends, has been our guiding light, the North Star that has led us through the treacherous waters of mediocrity. We have tried to listen intently, bending our minds to the needs and desires of those we serve. With every design, every iteration, we sought to craft products that transcend expectation, a gift that whispers, "This is for you." Some gifts you loved, some you rejected, but know that the Fellow giving tree will never stop producing.

We have stared into the snarling mouth of failure with our first product, Duo Coffee Steeper, and with fiery resolve, we have snatched victory from its jaws when we launched Stagg in 2015. And now, with the launches of Ode, Opus, and Tally, we have provided you with every product you need to create great coffee at home (while looking pretty dang good doing it). Together, you and us my friends, we are the beating heart of Fellow, co-creators in the pursuit of moments that matter.

We believe our products are not mere tools; they are works of art that stir the soul, objects of desire that captivate the senses. We are striving to be the architects of innovation, crafting a symphony of form and function that resonates with the world. It is with this motivation that we look to the next decade of innovation. Friends, will you join us as we try to not only push the bleeding edge, but to blow past it with reckless abandon? Stay close as the fun is just getting started.

So raise your glasses, my fellow friends who contributed to this adventure, and let us toast to this momentous occasion. Thank you for everything. For we only exist because you let us into your homes, onto your shelves, and into your cafes. Let the intoxicating elixir of accomplishment and caffeine course through our veins. Ten years have passed, and still, the fires of passion burn brighter than ever. Onward we charge, fearless and unrelenting, into the boundless horizon of the next decade.

In the pursuit of better,

Jake, Founder

Jake founds Fellow in business school and launches our first product on Kickstarter: the Duo Coffee Steeper.

Fellow expands into kettles, launching Stagg Pour-Over Kettle (the stovetop version)

The Fellow Store + Playground opens in San Francisco’s Mission District

Fellow raises $1M+ from a conspiracy-filled Kickstarter to launch Ode Brew Grinder

The first annual Wormy World Championships happens. Did you know there is a video game hidden in your kettle?

Fellow Drops, a text-to-order coffee service, launches.

Fellow opens its second retail location on Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice Beach

Opus Conical Burr Grinder joins the growing Fellow catalog of brewing gear, kettles, serveware, and coffee.