How To Play Jumpy
How To Play Jumpy

If you’re familiar with our electric kettles, you’ll know we love to include an easter egg. First, there was Wormy, the secret video game inside Stagg EKG and Corvo EKG. Then there was Bricky, the secret video game in Stagg EKG Pro and Corvo EKG Pro, featuring full color graphics for hyper-realistic gameplay. Now, the epic conclusion to the Fellow gaming trilogy is here… introducing Jumpy!

Jumpy is the secret video game inside of Tally Pro Precision Scale, designed to delight you while you wait for your water to boil… or for your roommates to wake up and smell the coffee.

Here’s how to find and play this addictive game.

Step 1. Turn on your scale.

Step 2. Use the Mode button above the dial to select Brew Assist™ mode.

Step 3. Turn (and keep turning) the dial until the ratio reaches 1:42.

Step 4. Press the Timer button on the left hand side.

Step 5. Jumpy will appear and you’re ready to play!

Press the dial to begin your game. Jumpy will begin running across a terrain of coffee obstacles. Your goal is to keep running and avoid the coffee obstacles. Use the Timer button and the dial to jump over the Stagg Tasting Glasses while also avoiding the flying coffee mugs. Press the Timer button for a short jump and press the dial for a long jump. You can also move Jumpy back and forth with the dial. If you bump into a Stagg Tasting Glass or flying mug, the game is over. The longer you run, the higher your score.

Your score for your current game will be shown in the top right corner and your all-time high score will be shown in the top left corner. To exit the game, press the Mode button above the dial. Tally should save your high score, but if you want assured glory, take a photo of it for posterity and share it with your Tally-using pals!