How To Play Wormy on Fellow Stagg EKG
How To Play Wormy on Fellow Stagg EKG

We don’t like designing products that are like anything else on the market. That goes from unique shapes to powerful features to secret video games. Yep, you heard correctly. We hid a game called Wormy in every Fellow electric kettle. Wormy is our version of the classic cellular phone game Snake, but like, less snakey and more wormy. To unlock the game, you must first pick your gaming controller—Wormy is available in all color variations of Stagg EKG and Corvo EKG.




Step 1 Step 2
Step 1: Turn on your kettle on
Step 2: Take your kettle off the base
Step 3 Step 4 How To Play Wormy
Step 3: Toggle the F/C switch back and forth
Step 4: When Wormy appears on the screen, use the dial as your joystick. 

Your mission is to eat 40 Fellow bow ties in the shortest amount of time. For example, a score of 1:10 beats a score of 1:15. If you win the game, take a picture of your time on the kettle base’s LCD screen in order to be considered for the official Wormy World Championships ranking. If your time ties or beats the current world record of 00:28, share your picture on Instagram and tag @fellowproducts. We keep track of the world record holder title which is currently held by Josh Williams of the UK, and yes, there's a belt.

Wormy World Championships Belt