Keep This Coffee Tool In Your Back Pocket: Praise For Prismo
Keep This Coffee Tool In Your Back Pocket: Praise For Prismo

With quality espresso machines coming in at $1,000 or more, espresso at home is often hard for most people to access. Unless you’re familiar with our game-changing product—Prismo AeroPress® Attachment. Prismo’s pressure-actuated valve allows for a build-up of pressure to make espresso-style coffee and creates a no-drip seal for recipes that normally require inverting your AeroPress®. At an affordable $25, you can easily enjoy a concentrated shot topped with a nice “crema” at home. 

We can go on and on about how wonderful this attachment is, but Prismo lovers say it best. 

The Daily Beast prefers Prismo over a $1,000 espresso maker:

 “With Fellow’s Prismo get a solid metal filter that lets oils (but not too many fine grinds) through. Plus, the combo of that filter and the gasket creates a seal that doesn’t let any water through until you attach the plunger and creates enough pressure when you do attach that plunger to increase your extraction enough to make sweet, balanced shots without having to use too much water.” Another upside, the writer mentioned, was that because the Prismo won’t get to the same level of pressure as an espresso machine, “it makes it much harder to over-extract coffee with.”

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Specialty coffee influencer and Fellow affiliate, @tannercolsoncoffee uses Prismo to impress his friend who doesn’t like the bitter flavor of “typical” espresso:


Well... he either loved it or just wanted it gone as quick as possible 😂 @jmac_57_ ##specialtycoffee ##aeropress ##espresso

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Daily Coffee News loves how Prismo makes espresso-like brews without worrying about over-extraction:

“...the primary differences are that while a traditional espresso is extracted in about 20 to 30 seconds, an ideal Prismo shot takes around 70 seconds; an uninsulated Aeropress brewer operates at lower temperatures than heated, electronic espresso machines; and while traditional espresso requires roughly 9 bars of pressure (or 130 psi), Fellow calculates that a human would have to apply about 2,000 pounds of force to the Aeropress plunger to replicate that amount of pressure, which obviously isn’t going to happen.”

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TikTok coffee influencer @cc.campbell shows how easy it is to get a great Prismo shot at home:


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The Sierra Club notes that Prismo is a great way to brew coffee without electricity, which is a great option for camping:

“A hand grinder and manual lever espresso machines probably make for the cheapest and most environmentally friendly tools to make cafe-style coffee at home. Completely manual espresso machines are improving all the time—Fellow Products even sells an attachment that can be used with the AeroPress coffee maker that simulates the espresso experience—meaning you can, theoretically at least, savor a delicious, concentrated caffeine jolt while wearing your pajamas.”

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Check out the crema on @srobison757’s Prismo shot! Combined with Coke and lime, the crema foams up beautifully at the top of his ‘Americola’


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4.5 out of 5 Stars 

Across 129 reviews from Google and, Prismo is revered as a simple and infinitely useful tool. Coming in at the price of about five shots of espresso from the cafe, bring your AeroPress® to the next level. Enjoy a rich crema at home with ease.

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