The Results Are In: Meet Our Carter Design Competition Top 10
The Results Are In: Meet Our Carter Design Competition Top 10

Over the last several weeks, we’ve received a boon of incredible original artwork for our Custom Carter Competition—over 125 entries were submitted from all over the world! We combed through contenders and went through the painstaking process of selecting just a few of our very favorites. This was no easy task! However, after our final selection was brought before the public to cast a final vote, we are thrilled to announce we finally have our champion... 

Charlie Wagers Design Carter

Congratulations to Charlie Wagers Design!

Everyone was very frond of your original artwork. It truly looked unbeleafable on Carter! We can't wait to see these beauties on the shelf. Want to see the rest of the amazing top 10 designs? Of course you do! Scroll on to see just how fierce the competition truly was:

1000 Faces Coffee:

1000 Faces Coffee Carter


Banna Cafe:


Augie's Coffee:

Augies Coffee Carter


Brugh Coffee:

Brugh Coffee Carter


Cirque Coffee Roasters:

Cirque Coffee Roasters Carter


Folly Coffee Roasters:

Folly Coffee Carter


Loblolly Ice Cream:

Loblolly Ice Cream Carter


Ritual Coffee Roasters:

Ritual Coffee Roasters Carter


Ineffable Coffee Roasters:

Ineffable Coffee Carter


Thank you so much to everyone who participated! We were blown away by how much interest and talent we received last week, and we can't wait to see more great custom Carter designs in the future. 

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