This week we’re launching our newest pour-over dripper, Stagg [X]. The first obvious difference you might notice between Stagg [X] and our original dripper Stagg [XF] is size, but there’s a whole lot more to love about our new dripper.


Firstly, Stagg [X] comes with many of the same great design features as [XF]. Let’s recap:

Vacuum Insulated Body – consistent temperature throughout the brew process results in a better cup. Both drippers keep temperature constant and prevent heat loss during extraction.

Steep Slope – Both have a relatively steep interior slope compared to other drippers on the market. The idea is a steeper wall angle increases the height of the column of coffee grounds which forces water to make more contact with the coffee as it travels through the dripper. Ultimately, this yields a higher extraction.

Hole and Bump Pattern – A clogged hole results in an uneven coffee bed and less than ideal brew. We landed on a 10 hole pattern that is complemented by a relatively complex bump pattern to help lift the flat bottom filter off the holes to prevent clogging and encourage an even extraction.

Drip Cup/Ratio Aid – All of our drippers come with a handy drip cup to keep your setup clean, along with a built-in ratio aid to help guide you through the correct amount of grinds to use in case you’re on the run or don’t have a scale.


Stagg [X] vs. Stagg [XF]

So what’s the difference between [X] and [XF]? We’ve created two dripper sizes to cater to the brewer on the run, and the slower paced traditionalist. Want a fast coffee routine that consistently produces better coffee? Stagg [XF] might be your coffee soulmate. Or maybe you’re the ritualistic type that loves a slow, precise pour. Then fellow coffee lover, you should swipe right on Stagg [X].


Stagg [XF]

[XF]’s tall column gives you more room for the non-traditional “fill-up” method which combines the ease of immersion brewing and the great taste of pour-over. Check out our video below to see how the “fill-up” method differs from a continuous slow pour. [XF] lets you consistently and easily brew pour-over coffee every morning with a little less effort but still a ton of flavor.

We recommend using Stagg [XF] for 1-2 cup brews (up to 600ml/20oz). We also recommend brewing with either Stagg Double Wall Carafe which has 300ml and 600ml markings that correlate with Stagg [XF]’s built in ratio aid, or Stagg Tasting Glasses which nest perfectly with our drippers and hold 300ml/10oz comfortably.


Stagg [X]

For the ritualistic brewer invested in a precise, slow pour. Stagg [X]’s shorter height aligns with the traditional pour-over brewing methods of a continuous slow pour. Brewing with Stagg [X]’s shorter column gives you more control over your water dispersal and extraction by giving you more access to the bed of grinds (kind of like watering a garden with a shorter fence in your way). We think of Stagg [X] as the traditionalist’s tool to perfecting their morning ritual.


We recommend using Stagg [X] for one cup of coffee (300 ml/10 oz) and with Stagg Tasting glasses which nest perfectly with our drippers, hold 300 ml comfortable and are designed for dispersing coffee’s aroma and flavor over your pallet.


Whether you’re the ritualistic type and into Stagg [X] or the efficient, time-saving type and prefer Stagg [XF] – It’s time to start brewing like a pro at home!