prismo prototypes on floor

Fellow is always curious about why products are the way they are and how we can make them better. Making is in our DNA. Even our marketing whizzes, customer success gurus, and wholesale managers are tinkerers. When anybody at Fellow gets an idea for a product (big, small, or crazy!), they make a pitch to the product team to see what’s possible. With the influx of new ideas higher than ever, we needed to grow our product team with serious powerhouse talent.

With that, Fellow is excited to announce that Jeremy Kuempel and Tom Carlson of the coffee consulting and engineering company Blossom Coffee have joined the Fellow team. At Blossom, Jeremy and Tom lead design of the Blue Bottle Dripper and played a significant role in development of the Red Dot award-winning Ninja Hot and Cold Brewer, among other successful projects. Fellow worked with Jeremy and the Blossom team for a number of years to co-develop our Prismo AeroPress® Coffee Maker Attachment. Through the development of Prismo, we got to see how Jeremy and the Blossom team operate, and we were impressed by their deep understanding of both specialty coffee and engineering, a rare combination.

As Fellow aims to increase both the count and complexity of our products, we needed to increase our engineering chops. Having the Blossom team join us made perfect sense. Fellow’s mission to make beautifully functional products for both the coffee aficionado and the brewing beginner is about to go into overdrive with Jeremy and Tom’s coffee wizardry.