The Specialty Coffee Association fosters education, openness, and creativity through the international coffee community. Every year, the SCA Awards recognize excellence in product innovation, design, and sustainability across the industry. This year Fellow had a strong showing, taking home the title in two categories for Ode Brew Grinder and Carter Move Mug.

Best New Product: Consumer Coffee Preparation and Serving Equipment (Electrical)

Ode Brew Grinder SCA Best Product Winner, Electrical

Ode Brew Grinder

The form and function of home grinders have not changed for decades—the same hopper, the same shape, and the same results. We set out to radically change how a grinder looks and works on your countertop. We were also tired of affordable grinders claiming they could do “everything.” But when push comes to shove, these grinders were good at brewed coffee but less than mediocre at espresso (or vice versa). After 26 months of user research, prototyping, and lab testing, Ode Brew Grinder was born. A grinder has been a goal of Fellow’s for many years, but we didn’t want to jump the gun and miss the bar. Fellow was finally at the level to execute this grinder exactly as we’ve always dreamed

Best Coffee Design: Vessel 

Carter Move Mugs in Three Sizes with Splash Guard

Carter Move Mug

We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch—were ignored, while durability and heat retention were prioritized. Why not both?

That is the problem our team set out to solve with Carter Move Mug. We wanted to make a portable vessel as covetable as your favorite coffee mug at home. During the design process, every to-go tumbler, travel mug, and reusable cup on the market crossed the desks of our product team for inspection. From hundreds of 3D prints to hand studies with users to having every team member use different prototypes while commuting, we considered the best features from all types of drinkware to come up with this tumbler. In the end, we landed on a beautifully functional form that amplifies the senses while still engineered to fit your travel needs. Yes, Carter does both.

Do the Oscars of the coffee world have you curious about our award-winning products? Check out Ode Brew Grinder and Carter Move Mug to learn more!